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How To Start Antique Business

How To Start Antique Business – The Antiques Business Podcast by Tom Clark Haynes, The Antiques Diva

?What goes into making your dreams come true? When I discuss my career path—from writing a blog about where to buy antiques in Europe to starting a 1-woman business to becoming a global empire with antiques shopping tours in 16 countries—I simplify things and say the secret to my success is one stiletto-clad foot over the other. was keeping in front. But what does this mean?

How To Start Antique Business

How To Start Antique Business

Each day I took a step forward – and kept going. While it seems easy to say in retrospect – trust me – when you’re in the trenches – even knowing where to start is hard! The first step is the hardest. It all feels… overwhelming. Okay, let me be honest – I’ve been in the business for 11 years – and I still get overwhelmed! But when I get overwhelmed, the only thing I’ve learned is one MIT: The most important thing.

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This is my #LifeHack. No matter the situation – personal or professional – there is always one thing I can do. And that one thing leads to the next.

If you want to start an antiques business – don’t think about starting an antiques business. It can seem annoying. This can seem overwhelming. Instead, consider learning how to start an antiques business.

Make learning about starting a vintage business one of your things until it reaches the next level. If you want to make your dreams come true – I challenge you to set aside anywhere from 10 minutes a day to 30 minutes 3 times a week to start your business. Set a date on your calendar with yourself and make it a priority to learn how to become an antiques dealer. Treat it like a school. Buy a 3 ring binder. Buy a notebook. Save the folder on your laptop.

To get started on day one, you might want to Google and read articles on how to become an antique dealer. The other day you might want to read an interview with an antique dealer about how he got his start. On the third day you can explore the local antique shops. Check your calendar on the fourth day and visit local antique malls and fairs. You don’t need to go to a store or a fair. Just make a date to put them on your calendar.

The Barn Antiques

Day 5 and beyond I want you to start a Pinterest board with different antiques you want to sell. dream big I want you to start defining your style. If money was no object, what would you sell? It’s going to take more than a day – what you’re working on as you create your fantasy list will be constant work.

Make a list of your favorite antique dealers and then continue to add to that list. One day you can pick an antique dealer you like and define why you like it. Explain why and what. This will lead you to decide

You need to understand what type of antique stores and inventory you are attracted to. You figure out what kind of antique dealer you want to be when you grow up. And once you know what you like, let’s talk money. How much do these antiques sell for? Familiarize yourself with the prices. You may not realize it but you are creating your business plan. Getting started starts with one step.

How To Start Antique Business

Did you notice the domino effect of what I just did? Each step you take organically will lead you to the next step.

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The key to making progress in pursuing your dream is to keep moving forward – one step at a time. Your dreams come true when you take steps to reach your destination.

Recently on The Antique Diva Blog we talked about meditation and how mediation can be helpful for you as a small business owner. With mediation, visualization goes hand in hand. If you’re like me, you can clearly see your dreams. But seeing them is not enough. People who achieve their dreams spend time imagining how they will achieve their goals. Think about the steps to take to reach your goal. Think about different scenarios and how they might play out. Think about how you will feel during the process – will you feel scared? Or will you be excited? Do you feel brave enough to take the leap and pursue your dreams? Do you feel satisfied knowing you did it? Most people think about doing it – but think about how you’ll feel when you’ve done it. Think about how proud you will be when they see you achieve your dreams, or how proud your spouse or parent or child will be of you.

Starting an antiques business starts with one step. Step one is to schedule a call with me: Ask Toma! As the CEO of The Antique Diva & Company, the most important part of my job is talking to customers. And I’d love to talk to you to discuss The Antique Diva and how. Co can help you pursue your dreams, whether that means attending our customized one-on-one antique buying tour or through our Antique Dealer Training Program.

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How To Start Antique Business

And after a whirlwind year of “Thrifting with the Gulls,” a series I hosted here and above on Instagram, I wanted more.

When The Antiques Have To Go

So the next natural step for me to set my 4 awesome thrifting goals for 2022 was to find a vintage booth where I could start reselling and flipping some of those vintage finds.

To be honest, this vintage window booth is a creative outlet and hobby for me and not a primary source of income. I love collecting and decorating and I am very excited for this next adventure.

To learn more about the business side of antique booths visit my friend Joanna at Antique Startup who teaches the skills, tricks and strategies needed to start and run a profitable antique booth business.

What should I look for when choosing a vintage booth? There are 3 key factors to look for when choosing a vintage booth

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Of course it’s important to look at contracts and monthly fees, but if there’s traffic, if you enjoy the people, and if it’s right for you, it’s all convenient for you!

I looked at only two locations before I found this window seat offered to me by The Vintage Soul in Manchester, Vermont.

Other antique centers had waits of at least a year and very long waiting lists. And this window seat of The Vintage Soul immediately stole my heart, a mile from our home and in the heart of our 4 Seasons resort town in the mountains of Vermont.

How To Start Antique Business

To say I’m a little lucky is an understatement. I was willing to wait a year or more for a spot to open up.

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I spent this entire week coming up with just the right pieces that I thought our seasonal Vermont shoppers would enjoy. Each city and customer can be very unique. And I have quite a collection of treasures from a year of “thrifting with the gals.”

First, I ordered these adorable custom price tags with my logo on one side with this blue jute twine to tie them to the merchandise.

Custom price tags are an attractive way to show how much you care about the items you sell and also add value to your brand.

Next, I ordered this custom sign to hang proudly in the booth with my Dabbling & Decorating logo.

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Do you have a spouse, partner or friend who uses your tools and never puts them back? Then my third suggestion is a

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