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How To Start Clothing Business Online

How To Start Clothing Business Online – Like every other e-business, the online clothing business is also very stressful. It doesn’t make sense for me to go into the business too. There are many clothing businesses online. Some are e-platform only like Myntra and Club Factory. In contrast, almost all multi-brand outlets, such as Shoppers Stop, Pantaloons and Trends (ajio), are extensions of existing brands and have an online presence.

Whether you are looking to build your existing clothing business online or start your new online clothing business, you must follow these essential steps.

How To Start Clothing Business Online

How To Start Clothing Business Online

It would help if you had your specialty in offers to make yourself different and, at the same time, relevant to a specific group of people. These are the following areas that you need to explore to decide on your differentiator.

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A) Culture or subculture: A specific culture or subculture can influence your clothing business. This gives you recognition and a differentiator. There can be a variety of clothing choices specific to that particular culture or subculture. Sometimes, a mix of different cultures can create a niche for your online clothing business.

B) Events: Your specialty can be a particular event or similar events. In India, we celebrate various festivals, and each region has its style of clothing associated with that specific festival. India is an unusual place where we all celebrate each of these festivals. Due to the universal reach of online business, you can serve this audience all over India and practically all over the world.

C) Customization: Standardization helps reduce the cost of manufacturing, but, at the same time, customization has a greater value in the eyes of customers. Everyone has different needs and preferences. We all want to be different. All of us want to create our own fashion. Your customized online offering can help you create valuable differentiators. So you have a platform where people can create their own clothing style. It can be based on fashion, color, stitch, pictures, designs, etc.

D) Age and size: When it comes to clothing, age is the biggest determining factor in targeting a specific item. No doubt, some existing players have differentiated their offerings based on age and size, but you can club this with any other differentiators. This can lead to a specialty mix, giving you a more defined niche – for example, a custom clothing line for a specific age group or size.

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E) Usage: Clothing for every activity, time and place is different. You may not wear something on the road that you wear in your wedding or not while driving or sleeping. What place, time, and activity you have a particular clothing business is related to. You can be specific and make it your core offering.

F) Origin: The source of your supply can also be one of the parameters to make your offer unique. Some places have their own specialty, which is well known and has value in the eyes of customers. Sometimes it can work as a sign of quality and originality. Geographically, India has a distinct cluster for one type of style, design or material. By associating yourself with the origin, you can build trust and authenticity in the market.

G) Profession and occupation: Different professions have their defined category codes. You can become a key player in the untapped segment by choosing one or more careers. You need to understand the need for that item and design your offer accordingly. This can be a very niche market, but it pays you in the long run.

How To Start Clothing Business Online

H) Corporations and institutions: Instead of online retail, you can choose to go B2B. Corporations and institutions have specific requirements for their employees or staff; it can be used regularly or for promotion and events. B2B allows you to deal in bulk and quantities. This can help you create your segment-specific identity.

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I) Selected Fabric: You can deal with a specific type of fabric sourced from different places and have different quality and types as your selected item as well. This can make you a single destination for each type of specific fabric. This can work as online retail as well as online wholesale. Your online clothing business can be synonymous with that particular fabric.

J) Selected garment type: As a one-stop destination for a specific fabric, a one-stop destination for a specific garment such as top or shifts only, pants or bottoms only, jackets only, sportswear only, nightwear only , etc. also give an impression in online buyers that you are an authentic specialist and player of this garment. Go Colors is one of the best examples of this type of niche.

K) Pet clothes: Currently, the market for pet parlor and pet spa and pet salon is growing. It’s also a big segment. You can become an online clothing destination for pet owners. This can be one of the niches where you can create your brand.

L) Clothing line supporting a noble cause: You can build your differentiator as a representative of a certain cause. Your cause can be supporting the environment, promoting the preservation of traditions, supporting the blind, underprivileged children, or girls’ education. By donating a percentage of your profit, you can make yourself relevant and attractive to people who are involved in that cause. People Tree and Being Human are some of the examples of such business.

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M) Ideology: Your brand can support the ideology of great world leaders like Mahatma Gandhi. Your online clothing business can promote a particular ideology by keeping your style, design and content relevant to that ideology.

N) Cinema, TV and celebrity influence: Your clothing line can be based on style, design, and relevant influence from current movies, TV series or celebrities. This has a big impact on Indian buyers. Although it’s a short-term trend, it can make you relevant and attractive to a large fan following.

You need to decide what you will do yourself or customize which product or part of the product you will trade. If you choose to make or customize your product, you can focus on your own brand. Whereas, if you choose to trade, you can deal with multiple sellers and products.

How To Start Clothing Business Online

An online clothing business offers you multiple ways to decide whether you want to sell your offerings through some virtual marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, and ajio, or through your own channel like your web portal. In the case of a virtual market, the market managers take care of logistics, billing and payment. It will help if you share your income with them.

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For your own channel, you need to start with your web platform first. You will also take care of logistics, billing and payments. Unlike virtual markets, you are responsible for getting traffic to your web platform through social media promotions.

Once the niche is decided, you start planning for finding options. Exploring different options from different locations may lead to more variety and reliability. It also mitigates your risk and ensures the continuous flow of sourcing. You must first study and research the source well. This also means if you are going to trade or add value to the product.

Depending on the chosen niche, you need to make strategic decisions, such as deciding on your differentiator. Which one will you keep and which one will another party do for you. For each channel, you have different sourcing plans. First, you make yourself available and appear on your channel. Going forward, you need to replace the stock as per the demand.

Once the channel is set and the sourcing plan is ready, you begin order fulfillment. It would help if you keep yourself relevant to the customer through brand promotion and SEO strategy and social media optimization. You also take care of repurchases and loyalty bonuses.

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As part of customer retention and building trust in customers, you also need to look after their return policy and process. To avoid loss of opportunities and out of stock situations, you continue to replenish very actively. This completes the entire supply chain for your online clothing business.

One must follow these steps to start an online clothing business in India. Of course, an online business requires you to have excellent technological expertise. At the same time, technology is not everything. IT support services are available to create modules for your online business such as web portal, payment and refund system, order processing and tracking system, inventory management system, automatic replenishment system, etc. You can choose to outsource these services to your online clothing business. . All you need is an entrepreneurial spirit.

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How To Start Clothing Business Online

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