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How To Start Off A Persuasive Letter

How To Start Off A Persuasive Letter – Year 4 have been using their persuasive writing techniques in their English lessons this week. They are all keeping their fingers crossed and Mr. Oldroyd is convinced!

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How To Start Off A Persuasive Letter

How To Start Off A Persuasive Letter

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How To Start Off A Persuasive Letter

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How To Start Off A Persuasive Letter

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[email protected] Did you like my cartoon from last week (posted here again today)? It may have made you feel a little uncomfortable, … Read More Teaching persuasive writing isn’t easy, and it’s even harder to get kids excited about doing it – especially first graders! But not when leprechauns are involved….

“This woman is crazy! Look at that sadness! Why would anyone deliberately destroy their own classroom for a motivational writing lesson?”

And you might be right. But in our small first grade classroom, reading and writing activities provide the perfect “playground” for events like these! Knowing the secrets empowers my kids (many of whom are ELL) to read what they love and write the stories

Want to tell! And unlike average first graders in the middle of the year, they don’t rely as much on sight words for reading and writing as they do.

How To Write Perfect Persuasive Essays In 5 Simple Steps

My name is Renee McAnulty, and I am a first grade teacher at Cottonwood Elementary School in Hesperia California, and you may remember me from previous guest posts on Katie’s Blog.

I am that teacher who is always trying to find creative ways to fully engage my children in our lessons. When it comes to teaching beginning readers and writers, the first (and most important) step is to make sure they have the tools they need to read writing.

And that’s not easy, given how little in the code (i.e. phonics skills) the average first grader has of the code at this point in first grade, depending on the grade level spacing and sequence in our reading sequence.

How To Start Off A Persuasive Letter

Add to that the constant pressure of trying to compete with video gaming, YouTube, high-energy television shows, etc., focusing students’ attention on reading and writing tasks can be challenging! My unique recipe includes the “4C’s” – Creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication….along with a “sprinkling” of privacy! Combining all these ingredients has transformed what reading and writing looks like in our classroom. We have really become so strong in our abilities, that sometimes we have to use writing to get ourselves out of sticky situations, like the one that happened last week.

Exploring Persuasive Writing

Before I explain the confusion, keep in mind that we are first class ancestors, and as such, we have VERY BIG imaginations!

In fact, did you know that leprechauns are responsible for setting up classrooms around the world? If you don’t believe me, Google it, because their outrage is well documented. That’s why my munchkins were creating leprechaun traps. We even put on a “leprechaun show” for the whole school to show off our creative trappings, and to encourage others to do the same.

So, after making and setting our traps, we left them out overnight. When we returned to our classroom the next morning, it was absolute chaos! Not only had the leprechauns escaped from our traps, but they trashed our room, leaving us to clean up the mess…..and it was a BIG mess!

Still in shock, but with a full day of learning ahead of us and no time to waste, my little munchkins set about cleaning up the big mess as fast as they could. Then, without any warning, our principal entered the room (which I admit, was “probably” pre-planned! 😉

Top 257 Good Persuasive Essay Topics [tips & Prompts]

His face showed his shock….and his disappointment. How could this precious first grader, who loves their school, treat their classroom like this? He was speechless. The kids immediately tried to explain what happened, “We didn’t do it! It was the leprechauns!”

The look on his face said he wasn’t buying it. (Our principal had some theater training and is a very good actor!) The kids could tell he was thinking, we really did this! They tried their best to explain, but it wasn’t necessary.

Our principal is a very busy man, and he just doesn’t have time to listen to nonsense. However, despite his busy schedule, he is also very reasonable and fair. So, he gives the children the most important task so far, to explain to him, IN WRITING, why they are not responsible for the mess. If they can prove that the leprechauns are the real criminals by providing evidence and research, as well as the reasons they believe they did this, maybe we will be convinced. us

How To Start Off A Persuasive Letter

The kids weren’t wasting time. They thanked him and then went to work cleaning the classroom. They unpacked the boards, sharpened the pencils, and began to write.

How To Teach Persuasive Writing In First Grade

Our reputation was on the line! It’s times like these when basic children’s writing with simple sight words just won’t do. We could not convince our principal that we were innocent because:

The awesome (albeit fake) writing adventure was a perfect combination of play, passion and skills! It wasn’t just fun, it was exciting! Who would have thought words like these would ever be used to describe a first class piece of writing?!!

When the last of the writers finished, I sent our class representatives to the office to set up a meeting with Mr. Mauger so we could read our letters and state our case. It was just after lunch that he called us. The children gave him their letters and showed him some of the research they had done online.

After some pep talk, our boss finally said he believed us. The children were so happy, and so proud that they had once again written their way out of another sticky situation! (You can read about our trauma over Rocky, the school mascot, here!)

The Writing Process: How Do I Begin?

When we got back to our classroom, we sat down and talked about everything that happened. I told them how proud I was of them. “Munchkins, because you are officially readers and writers! You wrote exactly what you wanted to say, and you didn’t even have to ask me how to spell anything! You had the power and courage to put your own ideas down on paper!” (Quick side note here – If you use Secret Stories, but don’t know about/don’t know the “Zoo Keepers & M&M” strategy, you need to watch this and then download it NOW! they must “catch” like

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