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How To Start To Write A Letter

How To Start To Write A Letter – In the digital age, it’s easy to forget the joy of writing a letter. Old mail is fun and a great way to stay in touch, so you should do it.

It’s very easy to keep up with people in the digital age. You have Facebook friends, you text distant relatives, you text your grandparents, you tweet celebrities and politicians.

How To Start To Write A Letter

How To Start To Write A Letter

In all this communication, we lose the personal touch. For at least one person in your life, I recommend ditching the digital system and writing a letter instead.

Ways To Write A Friendly Letter

Something about writing things by hand on physical paper, sealing it in an envelope, and putting it through our fantastic US postal system makes the whole message so much more personal and enjoyable.

I know I love getting cards with notes on them for holidays or birthdays. Letter writing is a lost art, and I think we should revive it together. So what’s in it for you?

Lord knows I love to use my Pilot Metropolitan on anything that lasts. I’ve been using it all the time in Leuchtturm, but I like to experiment with what papers work best with smooth liquid ink.

Some handle it better than others, like the Rhodia Dot Grid notebook. Writing letters gave me a great excuse to play around with the things I had in complete innocence. Who can argue with such a structured game?

How To Write A Business Letter (with Pictures)

I think there are great benefits to sitting at a desk with nothing but a flat sheet of paper, a thin pen, and a message to send to the recipient. I think it’s much easier to actually talk because I’m always distracted by email and text.

No matter how hard I try, I can never pay attention to a digital message. Pop-up notifications interrupt my thoughts or the nature of my location (usually in this world).

I can focus on my thoughts and words as I write it, and I think you’ll have the same result (tip: burning incense and listening to ad-free Amazon Music helps).

How To Start To Write A Letter

Your Grandparents – Come on, if they teach you how to text you, you can throw them the dice and sometimes curse them over and over again. You make them very happy and you know it.

Free Friday Letters Starter Kit And Parent Letter

Pen pals – Connect with a stranger with similar interests! If you want to start there, you can join the Bullet Journal Pen Pals Facebook group. Or there are many other hobby groups where you can find a pen pal.

Your representative is actually a great way to express your opinion to your senator or member of Congress. John (my husband) worked as an intern in the office of a US Senator for five months. I won’t name names, but I will say that every day this senator would get a report on that day’s mail, and the interns would pick 20 letters that were good. questions or good points.

So if you feel strongly about an issue, try writing to a politician about your opinion. Handwriting is much better than tweets or emails because they can see how much you care by how much time you put into your opinion. Just remember to be polite!

Celebrities – I’ve never tried this, but why? If you think an actress did a particularly good job in a role, send us a fan letter! If you appreciate the work of a philanthropist, write a letter thanking them for their efforts to make the world a better place. Be a motivating force!

Penpalling And Letters: How To Write A Letter

Bloggers – I know I want to hear from you! If you want to email me, my address is at the bottom of this post! Like I said, it feels very personal and I love it! Please note that it may take a while to respond as I receive many wonderful emails from people like you.

Friends – This is great for long distance friends! I know that I will contribute to them. So why not stay in touch with your wonderful friendship the way it deserves? Instead of a quick look on Facebook, write letters to connect in a very personal way. Your relationship will thank you!

Yourself – There’s nothing more emotional than getting a letter from yourself. When I was a senior in high school, I had an assignment for my English class, and we wrote letters to our future selves, and our English teacher kept them for a year and sent them in freshman year of college.

How To Start To Write A Letter

It was funny/sweet/nostalgic to take this. If you don’t have a teacher who keeps your letter for the year, I suggest putting it in an out-of-sight place in the back of a drawer. Then set a reminder on your digital calendar and it will notify you in a year.

How To Write A Letter Or An Essay In English

I like to write my letters on pretty parchment paper and seal them in a parchment envelope to make it feel like I’m getting a letter from Hogwarts. Does that make me weird? So be it.

What are you waiting for? Writing a letter is fun, therapeutic, and has a much deeper meaning to the recipient than a boring old email. You can try out beautiful new stationery and enjoy the simple act of writing, drawing or painting.

What if it’s a little longer than a digital message? It’s a great value for both you and the lucky recipient. I am sure you will love it more than you expected.

Wait for a reply to the mail. It will be very interesting to receive a non-bill letter! So get out there and start writing great letters to people!

How To Write A Thank You Team Letter (and Examples)

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How To Start To Write A Letter

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