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How To Start Window Cleaning Business

How To Start Window Cleaning Business – Keith Kalfas, founder and author of The Window Cleaning Blueprint: How to Make $500 a Day Window Cleaning, talks about 6 things you should consider before getting into the window cleaning business.

A common misconception about the window cleaning business is that it looks like a piece of cake from the outside, but it can be quite the opposite from the inside. I’m excited to share these tips with you, so let’s get right into it!

How To Start Window Cleaning Business

How To Start Window Cleaning Business

Fourteen billion dollars a year ($14,000,000,000,000/year!) are spent on sanitation services in the United States alone. There are people who need help cleaning their homes or washing their cars who would rather spend less money to save time and spend with their families.

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So what are shared houses and cars? WINDOWS! Yes, you read that right. Windows are literally everywhere! And these windows need to be cleaned. This means that if you are in the window cleaning business, MONEY IS EVERYWHERE. There is a great opportunity around us.

“When I first started cleaning windows, I thought there would be too much competition. I was very worried that people would not want to clean their windows. Now, I understand that you just need to fully understand how how to take care of yourself. have a foot in the door and everything will come to you.”

About 50 or 60 years ago, people cleaned the glass and that was it. Now, with this internet marketing paradigm, there is a whole new reality. This fact is based on accuracy, consistency and transparency.

Here is the (not so) SECRET. In the new world credibility, as well as legitimacy, is now based on your values ​​and assessments. In the cleaning business, you represent your brand and company. When customers allow you into their homes, they put their full trust in you.

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If you break that trust, people can easily go to Google and leave a bad review for the smallest unprofessional thing you’ve done. I have dealt with it and seen how it really affects the business. So remember to introduce yourself as a type of business first, a company, or even as an individual.

Another SECRET just for you…having good customer service will significantly increase your business rates. There is a complete phone script that you can follow word-for-word for your window cleaning business inside my Window Cleaning Blueprint. Confidence goes a long way. Remember, this is the bread and butter of your business in the new world.

Let’s rewind, you (finally) realize that windows are everywhere. You also understand how the new world of internet marketing works and how to position yourself in front of potential customers. You should understand by now how quickly you can start this type of cleaning business with no startup money!

How To Start Window Cleaning Business

How do you get more of it? By learning how social media strategies work and how marketing companies like SignPost, Angie’s List, and HomeAdvisor can help you. For just a couple hundred dollars a month, it’s like hiring a professional virtual assistant to market your business for you and bring you advance leads.

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Know what the bad news is? Hang on. This is the hardest part of all. Not knowing how to do it, when others do, will frustrate you. Sooner or later you will hit your head against the wall because you are not making the money you were hoping for, your dreams of making $500 a day.

I first started this business making $40 a day. I thought it was impossible to get this thing off the ground. Let me give you a scenario: You go to a phone store. When you hand out your business cards, you introduce yourself. You get all these generic answers that simply mean, “NO,” and now you feel hopeless. So how do you progress? See how I approached this situation.

When I started, I was very nervous and it showed. But I learned more about the cleaning industry as I went along and it turns out that face-to-face rejection can be a major learning experience. So, it’s just bad news if you don’t know how to use it to your advantage.

Let’s keep it simple. Those who succeed are those who implement information technology in their businesses. The ones who succeed are the ones who really focus on building a professional business, attitude and experience for their clients.

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You’re in the people business, you’re just cleaning windows. You need to understand the psychology behind marketing.

There are people who refuse to learn and adapt to the changing world. They refuse to create a mobile-friendly page and optimize their websites. The losers are those who ignore the ad. The losers are those who get caught up in just making money, they forget to invest in things that can help them grow their business.

You may still not be convinced how I was able to make $500 a day cleaning windows, but I will tell you now. IT’S ALL POSSIBLE and it’s all here in my Window Cleaning Plan: How to Clean Windows $500 a Day.

How To Start Window Cleaning Business

So will you be one of those people who will be stuck in the old ways? Or are you one of those who will adapt and succeed in the window cleaning business? If you’re thinking about how to start a window cleaning business, you’ll want to hear what Martin Skarra has to say.

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He decided that he wanted to buy a window cleaning business for about $400,000, and a year later, he started to make twice the revenue of the company. He shares his business strategies, marketing, and communication methods to help you learn how to become a window cleaner.

We will share industry insight and business planning tips, registering a window cleaning company, buying cleaning supplies, marketing, and more. Be prepared to get the tools you need to make money when you start your business.

Window cleaning can be a profitable business, but the industry faces some challenges. Since 2010, the number of window washers and other exterior cleaners has dropped from 114,000 businesses to 86,000.

Despite the decline in business and revenue growth, the industry has not exceeded revenue in 2019 and is not expected for three to four years. Combining those factors with inflation and wage growth, the average business in this industry has nominal profits, which are expected to decline further.

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This does not mean that you cannot start a window cleaning business, but you need to look for opportunities that can differentiate you. Martin Skarra told us:

He was making $500,000 a year. So we did $53,000 in June last year. This month we will do 100,000 dollars.

Window cleaners are typically paid between $20,000 and $25,000 per year and may be paid by the job, hourly or commission. Martin told us:

How To Start Window Cleaning Business

The guys pay a base fee of $12, and then they get a 15% commission on top. So if they do a $100 job, they get $15. The boys make between 35 and 40 dollars.

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That means it pays between $72K and $85K per employee each year. If you want to know how much you can make starting a window cleaning business, keep reading.

The average window cleaning business makes $95K in revenue and has an 8.4% profit margin, but most business owners set up their business as an LLC by choosing an S-Corp.

Most window cleaning business owners pay themselves a salary, which the Bureau of Labor Statistics would calculate under facility management to be about $100K per year. That’s why starting a window washing business can be very profitable. Martin told us:

As long as you have a vehicle, starting a window cleaning company costs under $1,000. All you really need to start a window cleaning business is:

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If you must buy a vehicle, you can still do it for under $5,000. Martin took a different route and saw a window cleaning business opportunity. He told us:

I paid around 400K for the business, but the beauty of the USA, you have something called SBA loans, which are loans from a commercial bank that are guaranteed by the Small Business Administration. And they allow you to buy a business with a rate of 90%.

His salary was around 40 thousand dollars. He went on to explain the benefits of buying a company over starting a window cleaning business.

How To Start Window Cleaning Business

It came with three trucks, two really old ones, three employees, and most importantly, the reason I bought it was because it had over 4,000 names in the database. Which homes have already been listed, emails to those customers, prices, everything, etc. I bought a phone number that keeps ringing.

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They had CRM, a customer relationship management system. (There) a profile on each of the clients with their phone numbers, addresses, work we’ve done for them in the past, and what prices we’ve paid, quotes, etc.

Whichever method you choose can be very useful, but having a customer database is a huge advantage for a new business

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