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How To Survive A Job Interview

How To Survive A Job Interview – You got that call and you’re scheduled for an interview, with a group of people, not just one person. Damn!

First, panel interviews are the norm these days. Most managers don’t want to do one-on-one interviews; by having others in the room, they have proof that everything was handled fairly in case they get a complaint from someone not chosen. Second, many positions involve working with a team or collaborating with others in the organization. By including many of the stakeholders, companies have a better chance of finding the right fit when hiring new employees.

How To Survive A Job Interview

How To Survive A Job Interview

Stop chewing your nails and don’t despair. Panel interviews aren’t as bad as they seem, and they can actually work to your advantage (more on that in a bit). First, though, here are some tips to help you prepare for the big day.

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Research the company and find out as much as you can about the interview panel. The HR director or whoever set up the interview should be able to tell you the name, title, and location of those you’ll be meeting. Don’t bother asking this – it will show that you are professional and know your way around the business world.

Why do you need names and titles at this point? For one thing, you can ask about pronunciation in advance and practice sliding the names off the tongue smoothly. Plus, you’ll be more confident in the interview and be ready to greet each person by name when they’re introduced. Finally, you’ll probably be too focused on other things by the time you get to the interview; that way, you’ll have the names handy for subsequent notes.

1. Arrive early, but not too early. If there’s an administrative assistant outside the interview room, introduce yourself and get their contact information – you may need it later.

2. Take a few moments for a last minute makeup and hair check in the bathroom. Look for stray hair or dust on your jacket, check for loose threads, and tidy up anything else that might distract you from YOU during the interview. Remember: Your dress is just a confection; you are selling yourself, not your wardrobe.

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3. Turn off your cell phone! Do this before entering the room or even before entering the building. A ringing or buzzing cell phone can deduct points from your interview. No, there won’t be an actual slot for those points on the interview sheet; instead, interviewers may reduce some of your scores due to the unprofessional incident of your best friend calling at the wrong time.

5. If you’re wearing anything that jingles or distracts, take it off. It is better to arrive without jewelry rather than jingle-jangle during the interview. You might love those earrings, but if the jury keeps getting distracted by what you’re wearing, they’re less likely to notice how good you are for the job.

Make sure you involve everyone in the room, even if they don’t talk or participate less than the others. Every person is there for a reason (even if you still can’t figure it out). Maybe the hiring manager needed the presence of at least one or two colleagues, but he’s not going to ask questions. You’ll usually know each person’s basic role, but if not, acknowledge and engage everyone in the room as you answer questions. That’s how:

How To Survive A Job Interview

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t hear back within a week or so. Too many people underestimate the time it takes to screen, interview, review panel scores, and make a hiring decision. It may be necessary for the jury to meet as a group to decide; it’s hard to have multiple managers in a room at once, so the process isn’t quick.

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If you haven’t heard back within two weeks (or a few days after they say they’ll “have an answer”), it’s okay to call your interviewer and check the status of the position.

There are hundreds of jobs out there, and as you know, there are often many applicants for each job. Always remember: getting an interview is a sign that one of those jobs is yours!

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Hi, Dwachira, I’m glad you found some helpful tips for your next interview! It’s all too easy to get nervous and think you could have had a better dinner. Thanks for reading, voting and sharing!

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I’ve freaked out in a number of interviews and wish I had as good and helpful advice as this before. Thank you Marcy Goodfleisch for these good tips. Voted, useful and shared.

Hi, Htodd, I know what you mean; they are very intimidating. Interviews with just one or two people are stressful enough! Thanks for reading and commenting; Hope you found some useful ideas here.

I’ll think of you, Eddie, I know you can do it! Gather some friends to practice interviewing and coaching if you have the time. People love helping out with this sort of thing and it will brush up on the skills of everyone involved. You are right to prepare for the panel setup; it is the most common format now. The largest I’ve ever dealt with was about nine people, but they’re usually much smaller.

How To Survive A Job Interview

I’m making a career change after 25 years, I’ve never changed jobs and I’ve never been in a panel interview, but I think it will happen very soon. My fear is that my mind will go blank during the interview, so I wrote down some common questions and wrote down the answers so I could imprint them in my memory. Thanks for the tips Marcy, up-rated and helpful 🙂

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That’s great advice, Kathleen! You’re right – it shows the panel that you know everyone about it. Some people are too shy to attend the interview; your suggestion involves them in the process. Thanks for commenting!

I’ve worked for a couple of boardrooms (which is about as close to a gang bang as you’ll ever experience in the professional world!) One thing I learned to do during the interview was ask a question of the only member who he didn’t ask me anything. I think it shows that you are paying attention and know how to engage people. Good hub. Your resume is at your fingertips, your interview attire is polished, and now is the time to market your best skills and experience. What does it take to pass the job interview? Preparation.

You’re ready to fight on the job front, but you also know that curveballs can be thrown your way when you enter the gladiatorial arena known as the job interview meeting. You are tense and this is understandable. There can be many things at stake in the interview: a job. A salary. Perhaps power and prestige.

To reap the rewards and give your best self, it’s important to keep your IQ, your interview quotient, in mind. Preparation is key, and these insightful interview tips will help you build your confidence and avoid the post-interview anxiety of wishing you had a makeover!

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Marketers know that the right location can make or break a retail business, but it’s just a big factor to factor in your location before you show up for an interview. Find the right address before the big day. Overestimating the travel time. Leave early on the morning of the interview to avoid traffic jams and directional missteps that will add to your stress. Show up at least 5-10 minutes early, but no more than 15, to meet your interviewer’s timing and schedule.

Dig deep. Every trivia related to personnel, marketing, best business practices, a company’s history, mission statement, goals, objectives and everything you can find out about the employer deserves your attention and can position you for the success in the interview. Find out if you and the employer are compatible by reading their website and learning about their work, clients and culture.

A formal suit or dress may not be a suitable wardrobe choice for all interview settings. It can show a lack of initiative or preparation if you show up for a creative concert wearing a better-reserved ensemble for a funeral or a Fortune 500 corporate meetup. Get a head start on your wardrobe selection when you reconnoitre your location: see what employees wear when they report to work.

How To Survive A Job Interview

Avoid the urge to browse social media while you wait. Stow your smartphone in your pocket or purse after turning it off and maximize the extra time beforehand without distractions to explore the office atmosphere and get a feel for the working environment. Everything is an indicator of a company’s climate, from dog-eared magazines and rude receptionists, to a cup of coffee and a punctual interview start time.

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Although they may already have your resume

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