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How To Survive Small Business

How To Survive Small Business – Small businesses are without a doubt the hardest hit by the current COVID-19 pandemic. Larger businesses have a better chance of surviving. However, small businesses often survive on only a few months of cash flow. (At most), so when such an important event occurs. It can be devastating not just for small business owners. but also the employees they support. So how will small businesses survive the tumultuous 2020? There is no easy answer, however, here are a few points to start and plan at least for the next three months.

This can be difficult, especially when running out of cash. But don’t forget to take care of yourself in a way that works for you, such as eating nutritious food. and try to exercise Taking care of yourself can help you stay calm. This will mean keeping your employees calm. And finally, it’s a healthy idea for everyone to come up with new ideas to move forward. When faced with a difficult decision Take some time to balance yourself and your mind before making any drastic decisions. In dynamic and rapidly changing situations Sometimes it takes a step back to reevaluate. Ask for a trusted opinion. And it helps to keep perspective. Things will improve and you’re not alone. Ask for emotional support where you can and when you need it.

How To Survive Small Business

How To Survive Small Business

Governments around the world have put together initiatives to support small business owners. And this is evolving day by day. Get the latest information on how your government can help reduce costs. Like other important institutions such as banks, they also have social responsibility. If you are registered in more than one marketplace Explore support options in both markets. For example, you can find more information about UK government support for small businesses there. And we are looking forward to hearing from the Dubai government on stimulus measures to support small businesses in Dubai. which will be announced shortly

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All small businesses tend to have the same major expenses, including staff salaries. office rent and utility bills Additional costs range from industry to industry.

Talk to whom you want to pay in the next three months. Find out what options you have to spread the costs. It is possible that they already have a choice or will understand. Because they are interested in keeping your business. Always be cautious when you come up with payment plans with other small businesses. Because these businesses also need to be avoided. So this should be fair for both of you.

Look at your personal finances and talk to people you may support for a realistic conversation about how to control your personal spending over the next three months. What expenses are needed What can be suppressed? If you have partners who support you as your business grows as breadwinner. Talk openly and honestly with them about short- and long-term plans for your business.

See how you can cut costs too. But use this measure as a last resort after at least two months after we find the damage from the COVID-19 outbreak. Your biggest expenses are usually your staff and office rent. You may lay off permanent employees anymore. and working on projects with freelancers instead You can also consider downsizing your office. and use the co-working space to provide more suitable and flexible payment terms.

Steps To Help Small Business Survive A Global Pandemic

It’s not a good idea to take advantage of such an event. But they can trigger a rethink of how you do business. In this case, will your business model survive the changes that will come from the COVID-19 pandemic? How do you expect your customers to behave in the future? What will happen and is not important to them. And how do you cater to who will be the new type of customers? Can you digitize your products or services and start presenting them online? You can use technology to balance lost revenue by offering new ways. To connect with your customers?

Where possible, do your best to retain employees. they depend on you And if you manage a good team They should support you. You can train your existing employees on additional skills. This will make them more productive and efficient. instead of hiring more employees There are many online courses that are affordable. And this will allow them to focus on other areas. For example, your sales team might help the marketing team too. We at The Co-Dubai have launched an e-course on digital marketing for small businesses. It’s a great way to learn how to create a digital marketing strategy and put it into practice. And it can be done from home while you or your team do it yourself. Split Look for similar courses and resources that best meet your needs and budget during this time.

RELATED: We’re Together: Business Resources, Deals, and More for MENA to Survive the Coronavirus Pandemic Maybe more now than ever before. “Buy locally Support locally is critical to the survival of small businesses in our local communities. Here are just some of the ways you can support businesses that need your help right now — while remaining safe.

How To Survive Small Business

Shop online from your local store. Most retailers offer their products through online purchase. Even if they had never done so before the coronavirus pandemic. Continue to support local businesses by choosing to order through the website until physical stores reopen.

Strategies To Help Your Small Business Survive A Recession

Buy gift cards Service businesses such as hair salons, spas, and movie theaters don’t sell products. It has been hit hard by the coronavirus lockdown. Help them keep making profits by purchasing gift cards for later use.

Place an order for pickup or delivery on the street. Eating out is a luxury that we all don’t need right now. But you can still enjoy your favorite food to take home. Most local restaurants and fast food chains take precautions to prepare food under hygienic conditions in order to comply with CDC guidelines. You can safely order food through food delivery services. Or use a drive-thru or restaurant pickup service. Check the restaurant’s social media page for daily specials and deals. Or just leave an encouraging comment!

Special tip Whether you order dinner at the restaurant or just have your groceries delivered because you can’t leave the house. You can help local businesses weather this economic crisis by tipping a little more than usual. You can usually add your tip to the total amount charged to your card to avoid contact with the delivery man.

Take advantage of the discount in an effort to boost sales Many small businesses offer big discounts on their products at this time. Take advantage of over-the-counter purchases to help keep your business running.

How To Survive A Crisis As A Small Business Owner

Here are just a few ways we can support our local business owners during this time of social distancing and staying home. If you have any further suggestions We invite you to share it on Ideal CU’s Facebook page. Be safe and stay healthy!

Cindy has worked in the marketing department at Ideal CU since 1995 and currently serves on the board of directors of the Ideal CU Community Foundation. She worked as a broadcast and print reporter prior to a career in public relations and marketing. painting, political advocacy, and the Denver Broncos. She enjoys blogging about wine and visiting local wineries, taking walks, watching Shark Tank, and Netflix. Cindy is a member of the Minnesota Grape Growers Association (MGGA), the Southern MN Wine Grower Alliance. (SMWGA) and is a strong advocate for cold weather wines produced in Minnesota and the Upper Midwest. She holds a Level 1 Wine & Spirits Education Trust (WSET) certification in wine and is an accredited server. Small businesses have struggled to survive during the pandemic. And many fear it will get worse before it gets better.

Nearly 23% of small businesses in the US claim the COVID-19 pandemic has severely impacted their business. According to an October 2021 survey conducted by database company Statista, by comparison, only 1.8 percent of respondents said the pandemic had a significant impact on their business.

How To Survive Small Business

We may not be out of the woods yet, says Carissa Reiniger, founder and CEO of Small Biz Silver Lining, an insights platform for small businesses. but there is light on the horizon

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“There will be chance and carnage,” Reiniger said. “There will be any type of reality you can imagine. And the only thing we can control is how we react to it.”


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