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How To Write A Business Report Ppt

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How To Write A Business Report Ppt

How To Write A Business Report Ppt

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How To Write A Business Report Ppt

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Google Slides Offer Offer Simple Presentation Google Slides Template Modern, simple and clean design Modern layouts based on master slides Built-in custom color palette Easy-to-edit data-driven charts (pie, bar, line) Presentation kits 14 slides GApplying for a company loan or seeking investors , you will have to present your project. You’ll probably do better if you stick to accepted standards for business presentations. One of these standards is a schematic report, a business presentation that combines concise text and graphics. Schematic reports should be short, well organized and easy to navigate. Although schematics are usually designed in PowerPoint, they are primarily intended for reading rather than projection. The term was coined by Robert Heckman of Syracuse University. .

You are probably already familiar with using PowerPoint to create presentations for your audience. Such presentations will be discussed in more detail in the next chapter. However, in this chapter we look at PowerPoint as a reporting tool.

In business, PowerPoint is becoming increasingly popular as a page layout tool for generating reports. These reports use smaller fonts, mixed text and graphics, and are primarily intended for reading rather than projecting on a screen. Companies use different names for these types of reports, including decks, reading blocks, and schematic reports.

Used this way, PowerPoint becomes the equivalent of a poor man’s desktop publishing package, but with the added benefit that the report also fits well on the screen.

Business Report Powerpoint Templates

However, it is difficult for the audience to read a font smaller than 24 points on the screen. Small font presentations (about 11 points) raise the obvious question of why a presentation should be projected at all.

Many information systems projects are conceived in a life cycle that moves through stages from analysis to implementation. The diagram below shows the stages we touch on in the current chapter:

Few people can prove anything in business. The best you can do is provide evidence for your position. Your audience will decide whether your evidence is convincing. And if it’s not convincing, then you’ve learned something for next time.

How To Write A Business Report Ppt

In most business presentations, you will need to get information that inspires your audience to take action. Design is no substitute for good content, but the combination of the two produces outstanding results. The table below shows the critical thinking method. The method shows how to organize an argument to support a claim. Note that each point is supported by hard evidence. This format can be used in both reports and presentations:

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I believe we should allocate $50,000 to research sustainable business practices for cost savings, employee morale, and community support.

In summary, cost savings, employee morale, and community support drive $50,000 to research sustainable business practices.

Traditionally, students are taught to write reports using a word processing program such as Microsoft Word. Revisions emphasize grammar and composition. However, much of corporate America has moved in a different direction. The primary means of formal communication in corporations is PowerPoint.

PowerPoint was developed as a presentation graphics package. PowerPoint presentations are designed to complement the live presenter. For this reason, the fonts used are usually large (about 24 points) and the words are few (less than fifty-one per page) for the audience to read. Bullet points also serve as a guide for the presenter instead of note cards.

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To put that in perspective, one page of a word processing document could have 500 words, or ten times as many words as a slide. The words will be set using a smaller font – usually 10 or 11 point.

With relatively few words to express yourself, each word must be chosen carefully. Unfortunately, all too often we see the opposite – presentations that are hastily put together at the last minute.

However, there is a growing movement to create presentations that can stand with or without a presentation. It requires using smaller fonts and adding a lot more text. Small text creates a presentation that can no longer be easily read by the audience. What should be a presentation turns into an eye test. To compensate for this, many times audience members are each provided with a copy of the presentation. While they may not be able to read the screen, they can follow along.

How To Write A Business Report Ppt

Hopefully, the copy given to the audience has one slide per page. Unfortunately, sometimes in an effort to save paper, the presenter will use a PowerPoint handout with three slides per page and space for the audience to write notes. Thus, the vision test is simply transferred to paper.

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In corporate America, the term used to describe a PowerPoint presentation is a deck. The term has an obvious association with a deck of cards. And just like a deck of cards, a deck of cards can be easily rearranged to adapt your presentation to a new audience. The term deck is used regardless of whether the slides are primarily for presentation or primarily for reading. However, to be clear what we mean, we will use the term schematic report to describe a deck designed for reading rather than projection.

Distributing handouts to an audience is only useful if the slides are readable. They are not here and would not be legibly projected on the screen. The only way to make this presentation readable is to print one slide per page.

PowerPoint has four advantages over Word. First, it helps keep everyone on the same “page”. A PowerPoint ‘page’ fits comfortably on one screen – a Word page does not. Second, PowerPoint makes it easy to integrate text and graphics. Text boxes and images stay the same and resize intuitively without creating awkward page breaks. You can integrate text and images in Word in a similar way, but it’s less intuitive. Third, PowerPoint themes give your presentation a sleek and cohesive look, almost like a brochure. Each theme has multiple layouts associated with it so that each slide can be structured to match the content of that slide while maintaining the same look and feel as the rest of the presentation. Fourth, because each slide tends to cover a complete idea, it’s fairly easy to rearrange the deck to adapt it to a new audience. There’s even a Slide Sorter view to help with this task.

Compared to Word, PowerPoint also has some disadvantages for writing reports. First, without the flow of text, the presenter is tempted to cram every idea, no matter how complex, into one slide. A lack of textual flow can lead to over-abbreviating complex concepts, which can sometimes lead to disastrous results. Second, PowerPoint automatically resizes the text to fit the slide. When you add words to a slide, the font size shrinks to fit all the text. If the next slide has fewer words, the text will be larger; if it has more words, the text will be smaller. Automatic text resizing creates awkward text size differences between slides, but it doesn’t

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