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How To Write A Constituent Letter

How To Write A Constituent Letter – A Legislative Assistant is responsible for communication with politicians and other officials and will arrange a meeting for the legislator in advance. He monitors the progress of pending bills and makes changes to the draft when necessary. It monitors weekly, quarterly, and annual progress in the legislator’s duties and citizen satisfaction.

Please accept my closed application for the position of Legislative Assistant to [XXX Legislator]. Being a highly organized professional with three years of work experience in the political environment, I am sure that I will greatly contribute to the legislator’s vision for the constituency.

How To Write A Constituent Letter

How To Write A Constituent Letter

[XXX Legislator] is one of the best Legislators in our country. He has a very structured and methodical way of handling the affairs of his constituency. He pays special attention to the needs of the common man and I am sure that being a part of his team will help me improve and refine my skills further in this capacity.

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I have a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and during my tenure at [YYY Group], I performed a series of tasks from administrative support to report drafting and staff training. I was responsible for the following:

From managing administrative projects to actively participating in office meetings, my background has prepared me to excel in this role. With a sharp acumen and my additional strengths, I am confident that I can succeed in this challenging role.

I look forward to meeting you in person so we can discuss the opportunity in detail. Thank you for your time and attention.

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The letter is another example of how the Army’s spin doctors have misled members of Congress and the American people about the truth about the MEDEVAC operation.

In paragraph 2 we are told that the rule of not arming medical evacuation vehicles is traced to German perfidy in the First World War. The relevant provisions of the Geneva Convention come from the Convention for the Amelioration of the Condition of the Wounded in Arms in the Field signed in Geneva on August 22, 1864:

Article 1. “Military ambulances and hospitals shall be recognized as neutral, and therefore, protected and respected by the traitors as long as they accommodate the wounded and sick.”

How To Write A Constituent Letter

Article 7.” A special flag and uniform will be adopted for hospitals, ambulances and evacuation parties. The national flag should be accompanied in all circumstances. “

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“Employees who are neutral may also wear an arm but the matter will be left to the military authorities. The flag and arms shall have a red cross on a white ground.”

More importantly, the Senator argues that “clearly marked medical evacuation vehicles may not be targeted for attack and need not be armed.” As radio icon Paul Harvey would say, “and now for the rest of the story.”

The Geneva Convention is a legal agreement signed by nation states. It includes rules on how to conduct medical evacuation

This is a point that confuses many people as they argue that the Red Crosses cannot be removed from MEDEVAC helicopters. Their argument backfires, saying that since the helicopters are used for MEDEVAC purposes they must carry the Red Cross insignia and therefore must be unarmed. The troops are allowed to transport the wounded in any vehicle they choose – armed or unarmoured. They are restricted to being unarmed only if they are wearing the Red Cross badge

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The Geneva Convention clarified for signatory nations that in the event of war with an unspecified nation or other non-signatory armed forces, a different set of rules would apply. The signatory country (the US in Afghanistan) is obliged to comply with the rules of the Geneva Convention for a reasonable period of time when hostilities begin. During this time the enemy country or force must declare whether they will comply with the provisions of the Geneva Convention. If it does not make that declaration and/or if it does not fully comply with the terms of the Convention, the signatory country is relieved of its obligation to comply with the terms of the Geneva Convention. In the absence of confirmation of al Qaeda or the Taliban and their repeated violations of the terms of the Geneva Convention, the US is free to choose which provisions of the Geneva Convention they to follow.

Since the US has decided to adhere to the Geneva Convention, it still has the right to remove the Red Cross insignia from MEDEVAC helicopters and arm the aircraft. In October, 2008 the US Army Judge Advocate General – Division of International and Operational Law advised the Surgeon General of the Army that MEDEVAC helicopters may be equipped with M240, 7.62 Medium Machine Guns (defined by the Army as a serving team) at the discretion of the Theater Commander in Afghanistan without contravening the Geneva Convention or other international law – as long as the aircraft does not carry the Red Cross insignia. Regarding this particular request for comment, the helicopters would be “

.” The helicopters could then be employed for an escort/rescue or general support role – and by extension medical evacuation (provided they are not replaced with the Red Cross logo). The only consequence of doing so is that the helicopter and crew will “lose their protected status under the [Geneva Convention]. “

How To Write A Constituent Letter

First, helicopters by the early 1960s lacked the power to carry man-portable weapons, but that didn’t stop Marines during the Korean War from firing personal weapons from a helicopter as long as they could injured back. During the Vietnam War Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR) helicopters were tasked with retrieving downed airmen – not as supplements to MEDEVAC forces. However, there were reports of several cases where US Army departments turned armed air attack helicopters into Red Cross “MEDEVAC department” assets that were not connected to actual MEDEVAC units under the control of the Army Medical Department.

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Next, in an attempt to dismiss the CSAR/CASEVAC helicopter crew’s ability to provide medical aid to the wounded, the Senator states that CSAR/CASEVAC helicopters do not have doctors. Left out is the fact that US Army MEDEVAC helicopters don’t carry medics either. MEDEVAC teams include one Army flight medic trained as an Emergency Medical Technician – Basic. (National Guard MEDEVAC teams usually have an experienced paramedic as a flight medic.) Conversely, personnel on the unmarked armed CASEVAC aircraft are routinely denied:

It is true that UH-60A/L MEDEVAC helicopters are usually equipped with more medical equipment than the USAF Pedro helicopter, but that is also changing. In 2011 the Army began replacing legacy UH-60A/L models with new HH-60M helicopters. In August, 2011 C Company, 3/82

MEDEVAC Company was the first active MEDEVAC unit to deploy to Afghanistan with them. Right when they got to RC-East it was clear that the 2000 extra lbs the HH-60M weighed over the older UH-60A/L prevented them from reaching serviceable locations previously by the UH-60s.

In an effort to lighten the birds enough to fly to the necessary altitudes, orders were given to remove the electrical waste pans (much to the delight of the unit’s medics), Medical Oxygen Generation System Aircraft and Environmental Control System. When that was not acceptable, the command ordered the removal of the entire medical package.

Senator Harkin’s Disinformation Letter

In less mountainous areas, the 600+ lb waste carousel could Unused UH-60A/L (which medics refuse because it limits their ability to care for patients in flight) to be removed. Adding two machine guns, ammunition and gunners would be a real weight change. Therefore, the change could be accomplished without interfering with patient care or “

In a final statement that shows total ignorance of the reality of every conflict the US has been involved in since World War II, the Senator tells us that “a

”, our enemies make that decision. Regularly. In every conflict. Thousands of times in the past ten years MEDEVAC helicopters with Red Cross markings on all surfaces flying in Iraq and Afghanistan have been attacked by small arms fire, rocket propelled grenades, gunfire heavy machine, anti-aircraft guns and shoulder-launched missiles (Iraq only).

How To Write A Constituent Letter

The real issue is the delay in launching some MEDEVAC flights under current policies in Afghanistan. The delay can be eliminated in several ways:

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Army leadership and Senators who can influence Army policies refuse to take any of these steps. They refuse to arm the MEDEVAC helicopters, demanding that they be

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