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How To Write A Cover Letter For Paper Submission

How To Write A Cover Letter For Paper Submission – When submitting your article to a journal, you often need to include a cover letter. This is a great opportunity to highlight to the journal editor what makes your research new and relevant. Your cover letter should explain why your work is a perfect fit for their journal and why it will be of interest to the journal’s readers.

When writing for publication, a well-written cover letter can help your paper get to the next stage of the manuscript submission process, submission for peer review. So it’s worth spending time thinking about how to write a cover letter to the editor of the journal to make sure it’s effective.

How To Write A Cover Letter For Paper Submission

How To Write A Cover Letter For Paper Submission

To help you out, we’ve put together a guide on how to write a cover letter for submitting journal articles. You’ll get cover letter instructions and a word template cover letter to explain what you should and shouldn’t include.

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Before you start writing, check the instructions for authors (IFA) of your selected journal, as not all journals will require this. You should also check the IFA for detailed journal information on what to include. This may include a list of relevant articles written by you or your co-authors that have been considered for publication in other journals or are currently under consideration.

If you need more help writing a cover letter for a magazine, you can download and use our sample template as a guide.

Your chosen journal’s submission system may require you to submit your cover letter in a text box rather than a separate document, but it’s still a good idea to write a draft first to make sure you’ve included everything.

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If you need more guidance, check out our other information and resources to help you make your submission.

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Expert advice and tips to get published and maximize the impact of your research. Sign up now for weekly information straight to your inbox. Your cover letter should not only summarize the key message of your submitted paper, but it should also convincingly “sell” your work and make the editor want to read the entire paper and send it to peers. .

How To Write A Cover Letter For Paper Submission

A good manuscript cover letter can make your submission stand out from the hundreds of submissions a journal may receive each week. A bad cover letter, on the other hand, can work against you by making a bad first impression, as Dr. Rachel Baron, our editor-in-chief, explains:

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Although the shift to digital submission systems has reduced the importance of cover letters, many journals still require or recommend them. Nature, for example, says

“Although optional, the cover letter is an excellent opportunity to briefly discuss the importance of the submitted work and why it is appropriate for the journal.”

Whether or not your target journal requires a cover letter or you’ve decided to write one anyway, it’s worth taking the time to write an effective and compelling cover letter. In this guide, we’ll show you how in six easy steps.

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Your target journal may set a one-page limit for cover letters. Although there is no page or word count limit, cover letters are recommended to be 1-2 pages (single-spaced), so it’s important to make the most of the limited space available.

It is important to greet the right person as the recipient of the letter, and to do so professionally. Avoid using generic greetings such as ‘Hello’, ‘Regards’ or ‘To whom it may concern’.

Browse your target journal’s website to find out the name of the journal’s editor, usually with the job title of “Editor-in-Chief,” “Editor-in-Chief,” “Editor,” “Executive Editor,” or “Managing Editor.” Broad-scope journals may require the appointment of a senior or associate editor who handles a specific topic or type of article. Usually, this information appears in ‘Editorial Board’, ‘Journal Staff’ or something similar.

How To Write A Cover Letter For Paper Submission

Your salutation (eg, Dr. Huang and Dr. Huang), as well as the rest of your letter, will vary depending on whether you follow US, UK, or another convention. We recommend choosing a style and sticking to it throughout the letter.

The Cover Letter

In your first paragraph, explain why you are writing the letter. Remember to include not only the title of your manuscript, but also the type of submission (eg, original research article, review article, short communication, letter, case report). Use the terminology of your target magazine for the title of the article type to show attention to detail and your familiarity with the style of the magazine.

Also mention any special circumstances, such as if you have had previous contact with the journal or if the manuscript has been resubmitted. Use formal English and a consistent punctuation and spelling style (eg US, as in the first example below, or UK, as in the second and third examples) throughout the letter.

✓ I am writing my article, “Title for Your Manuscript,” for submission as an original article to a journal name.

✓ On behalf of my co-authors, I am sending the attached Brief Communication, ‘Title of Your Manuscript’, to the name of the journal for prompt consideration of the forthcoming special issue on X.

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✓ My co-author and I were pleased to receive your favorable response dated April 1, 2021 to our pre-submission inquiry regarding the state-of-the-art review of X. Accordingly, we would like to submit the attached manuscript, “Title”. of your manuscript’, for publication as a Review Article on behalf of the journal.

Omitting any key information (ie, article title, article type, journal name) or being informal or too strict can result in a poor opening.

Check that you have correctly named and spelled out the target journal (and its Editor-in-Chief), especially if you are submitting a rejected manuscript to a new journal.

How To Write A Cover Letter For Paper Submission

The next paragraph is one of the most important parts of the cover letter. This is how you convince the editor that your manuscript is worth reviewing.

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Although it may be tempting, do not copy and paste your manuscript summary, as the goals and styles of an abstract and a cover letter are different. In your abstract, you summarize the manuscript using similar language and similar information (introduction, methods, results, conclusion) to entice readers to read the full text.

In your cover letter, however, you summarize the manuscript, but focus on the value of your contribution to the journal and the discipline in order to convince the editor to read the abstract. Use plain, non-technical language, as the editor may not be an expert in your particular field or topic, and avoid being too self-promotional, emotional, informal or wordy.

Start with the most important message or feature of your manuscript. You can highlight the novelty of the study, the innovation of the approach, or the strength of the conclusions. Also explain how your manuscript aligns with the goals and objectives of the target journal, indicating how the practical or theoretical implications of your study are for the specific readership.

✓ Our 2-year trial of Z versus Y shows that delaying Z administration until bedtime doubles its effectiveness. This time shift is a simple, safe, and cost-effective way to increase drug efficacy and reduce X prevalence. The results are robust and globally applicable, given the robust study design (randomized cross-over trial of one million patients on 5 continents), and would be immediately useful to healthcare professionals reading the journal title.

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✗ X is a terrible disease that affects half of Y. Currently, the most common treatment regimen for X is Z, but unfortunately it has a clinical efficacy of 50%. This landmark clinical study achieved a dramatic reduction in morbidity and mortality with a significant improvement in the efficacy of Z as a treatment for Y versus X. Using an innovative chronotherapeutic modality approach, we carefully designed a randomized crossover trial…

In 2-page cover letters, you can further justify your request for consideration of your paper for a particular article category or for accelerated (fast-track) publication, or include other relevant or clarifying information. However, do not request submission or publication fee waivers and do not make recommendations for or against potential reviewers unless authorized or required by the journal (see next section).

Some journals require you to provide specific information in your cover letter, the most common of which are related to:

How To Write A Cover Letter For Paper Submission

Some journals require you to indicate whether your manuscript has been previously rejected by another journal, in which case past review reports must be attached, along with a point-by-point response. Some journals require:

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Journals may also request or recommend that you list potential impartial reviewers (with organizations and email addresses) and/or people you think should not be asked to be reviewers, with reasons. You will be asked to nominate an associate editor from a list on the journal’s website

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