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How To Write A Direct Mail Letter

How To Write A Direct Mail Letter – First, Mercedes cleverly uses an envelope flap to show the convertible standing out in the mail.

The shock and empathy used in this example is a questionable strategy, but consider using an emotional hook (fear, guilt, jealousy, greed, etc.) to grab the audience’s attention and keep it.

How To Write A Direct Mail Letter

How To Write A Direct Mail Letter

KitKat has created a fake forgotten mail slip to mimic the Royal Mail undelivered letter left in the letterbox when you miss a delivery. It’s funny, but also effective in grabbing readers’ attention. People’s brains have been wired to associate these slips as important.

Direct Marketing Cover Letter

Škoda has added a change to its postcard that arouses curiosity and attracts attention due to its unusualness. There are many ways to effectively stimulate curiosity.

This funny dental implant marketing postcard combines natural human impulse and golden comedy to grab the reader’s attention. Using humor is a great way to build your brand and get your message across and shared on social media.

This borders on gorilla marketing, but what kinds of materials could you use, what ways can you use physical materials to get people to interact with you personally?

Economist balloons sent by mail grow brains when inflated. A metaphor for subscribing to their magazine.

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This Greenpeace glove shows cleaning up waste with the iconic Greenpeace colored glove. This example shows how being different and standing out will make a big and lasting impression on the recipient.

Marketers often use size to send an oversized or large post. The smart car used the opposite to show how small and nimble the car is for cities, if you’re smaller you can also stand out.

Not only the message is important, but also the timing. Send postcards on people’s birthdays or special occasions.

How To Write A Direct Mail Letter

Create direct mail as an experience. BMW does a fantastic job with its consignors and creates a luxury experience.

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Make your marketing worthwhile, one of the benefits of a physical post is that you have a lot more things to offer your audience to provide value beyond information.

What gets people’s attention more than cold hard cash? This has been done many times with great success. Even including a fake $1 bill in an envelope always grabs the reader’s attention. Just make sure you can relate it to your message or brand. Otherwise, the reader will feel cheated.

When people receive letters, they are often significant. Make sure you give your message something of value.

When people interact with your mail, they are more likely to remember your message and take further action. It is also more likely to be shared within the household or on social media.

Letters With Magnet Inserts

This is old, but the technique is good. Verizon cut holes in their mailing to show how you would use their phone.

The recipient of the gingerbread box is first impressed, then curious as to why the leg is missing.

Using origami in your email will make your post much more fun and interactive, especially if your product is aimed at households with children.

How To Write A Direct Mail Letter

You’ll notice that interactivity is a common theme in some of these examples. This is because it is effective in attracting attention and retention.

Direct Mail Package—sample Letter

Humans are more responsive to things that are unusual and unseen. Think about how you can do the same.

Keeping your message in the household means it has a better chance of making it to auction. Create something of value for your audience and encourage them to keep it, as was well done with these discount tickets.

If you ship products to your customers, think about how you can incorporate the principles of direct mail into your packaging.

Remember when you were a kid and you had pop-up books at school that you spent hours reading and experiencing. We would literally bring your stories to life. The same goes for your mail, look at how Ikea took this principal for their marketing.

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Make your mail look personal and direct. People don’t receive as much mail as they used to and are excited and positive about mail that is humanized.

Running a direct mail campaign can be time consuming, but there are many opportunities in physical mail marketing as it is much easier to stand out and be noticed compared to the digital clutter.

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How To Write A Direct Mail Letter

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How To Write A Direct Mail Letter

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How To Write A Direct Mail Letter

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How To Write A Direct Mail Letter

As an alternative to conventional digital marketing media, direct mail marketing can provide a high return on investment for your next direct marketing campaign.

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