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How To Write A Letter Asking For Employment

How To Write A Letter Asking For Employment – Everyone strives for a better life and for this goal, job switching is a common phenomenon all over the world. There can be many reasons behind leaving a job such as lower salary, strict and long working hours, postgraduate studies, downsizing due to deteriorating financial condition of the company, boss misbehavior or personal reason.

Well, at the time of leaving the job, the reason for leaving the job does not matter so often. At that time, the important thing is whether you have arranged a new job or not. It is also necessary to have complete information about the nature of the new job, the work environment and the position of the boss. Otherwise, chances are there will be no compatibility with the new employer and you will have to write a letter to your previous employer requesting a job reinstatement.

How To Write A Letter Asking For Employment

How To Write A Letter Asking For Employment

People usually think that writing a re-employment letter to the employer is very difficult because justifying the mistake of leaving the company and telling the desire to join the company is not an easy task. Well, it’s not, just reviewing a well-written resume letter sample for college re-admission is good enough to get you an idea of ​​writing a winning re-employment letter.

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There is plenty of sample online re-application letter to a former company available online to instruct people on the format, structure, and length of the re-employment letter. However, not all letters to a former employer for a reemployment sample can reveal the steps for writing a good reemployment letter, let’s take an overview of these highly effective steps:

When you leave any post, it becomes clear that the company will immediately refill the position to avoid any loss. Now, when you have decided to rejoin your previous employer, you should check the availability of the vacancy initially. For this goal, you can contact HR or some friends, who are still doing work at the previous company.

When you find any relevant vacancy for your previous employer, start writing your re-employment letter right away. The first step in writing a re-employment letter to your previous employer is to reintroduce yourself, your previous position, your department, and your immediate boss. Don’t assume that just writing your name at the bottom of the letter will be enough to resubmit you.

Don’t try to get smart while justifying your reason for leaving the job. Every business owner stays updated about the current situation in the market. Tell the former employer the truth about why you left the job and the circumstances you had to face because you wanted to join the company again. By telling the truth, the employer will defiantly abide by your honesty and will reconsider you based on your past performance.

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End your re-employment letter with some emotional wording that you’re looking forward to revisiting and checking out the great work environment and the company of nice colleagues. Moreover, you are very motivated to serve the company in a better way.

Getting inspiration from a sample winning letter for a former boss requesting a job is a wise move to write a re-employment letter. Let’s see, how to talk about your reasons for leaving the company with sample letter to former employer to join again:

Respectfully, I was serving as Executive Director of Marketing in the Commercial Division of this esteemed organization until July 31, 2018. During my career, I have received two annual awards for exceptional performance. I am losing my job due to the company’s downsizing policy, but have not been able to start working in a new location due to the emotional attachment to the company’s professional work environment. Please reconsider the position that remains vacant in your institution during my absence.

How To Write A Letter Asking For Employment

With due respect, it is stated that I have been working as an account manager in your valuable organization until August 31, 2018. I have started the new job in another organization, but I am unable to adjust to the unprofessional environment of the current company. I admit my wrong decision to leave a well-established, employee-friendly company. Please reconsider the Accounts Executive vacancy. I assure you that I will serve the company with greater dedication.

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Dear Sir, I was doing business in this esteemed organization as HR Manager till 30th June 2016. I left the job due to my MBA – Human Resource Management. I have now completed my degree and know you have a vacancy for a Human Resources Manager position. I hope you have not forgotten my performance as an HR Executive and will consider me for this position on the basis of my high qualifications and previous performance.

Dear Sir, I have been working in this esteemed organization as a receptionist till August 31, 2018. I left the job due to personal problem which is more distance from my house. But after leaving the job, I realized my mistake. Now I am unemployed and want to return to the company. I assure you; I will never complain for a longer distance and I will work with more enthusiasm. I hope you will reconsider my application and give me a chance to join the company.

You can read a sample letter to your previous employer to join, which may help. Here are some tips that you will find useful in writing a letter on how to re-employment after you have been fired:

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How To Write A Letter Asking For Employment

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How To Write A Letter Asking For Employment

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