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How To Write A Letter Of Concern

How To Write A Letter Of Concern – I am writing this letter to you out of concern for the economy, my family and my home. I am a 35 year old mother of one little boy who is 5 years old. I am concerned that I want you to hear from a normal family trying to make it through these hard times. I don’t expect anything to be done, but I want you to hear how we are struggling.

I was laid off in June from a job I had been there for 8 years making a fairly substantial salary. My husband, who was an electrician, has been out of work since September 2008. He was called back to work in July 2009 but only worked for about 2 months before his company fired him again and he is out of work from then on. I was only able to land myself a temporary job which my new boss is struggling to make permanent. We have no insurance for our son and we are living off my salary which is about 10K less a year and unemployment. We struggle to live week to week to pay our mortgage – which is underwritten to a smaller amount so we don’t have to let our house go into foreclosure. I want you to have a good understanding of the history of the events that happened with our bank and our credit.

How To Write A Letter Of Concern

How To Write A Letter Of Concern

We refinanced our mortgage in 2006 thinking we could get a leg up on some of our credit card bills and also invest more money into our home. When we refinanced with our bank they didn’t set up an escrow account – which they didn’t tell us. When we figured it out – they basically told us it was too late. With that said, we have been struggling to pay our taxes but we have maxed out my husband’s 401K and paid our taxes through July of last year. We had hard times during our marriage which cost us more credit card debt. We have now found a solution and we are struggling to pay that too. We have received letters in the mail that say this is part of your plan to help America reduce their debt so we signed a contract with a company that pays every month and should eventually pay off our credit cards in full to reduce for settlement. . Since we’ve done that, we’ve gotten a lot of creditor calls and letters, and judgments against us – which has completely ruined our entire credit so far. We have no future, just a weekly income!

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So now, it’s tax time. Since we were both divorced for quite some time in 2009 and my husband was divorced for most of 2009 we now owe taxes – on top of the taxes we already owe. I ask you – how are we supposed to pay for that? How do you expect anyone out of a job to pay any of their taxes when there are no jobs to alleviate that? Why do you offer to take out taxes when someone applies for unemployment? If you’re used to the cost of living and even reduced that to an unemployment paycheck, you want to get as much money as you’re eligible to make up for the money you’re used to getting. Just put yourself in our shoes?

Everyone I know who voted for you is now turning the other way, but I have faith in you and that you will do everything you can to turn this around, meanwhile I am struggling with the fact that we may need to move away from our home to relieve the stress of paying for this house and on top of that I am trying to go back to school online to improve myself and hopefully in the long run improve on my family.

My son is the one getting the short end of the stick here because it has caused him stress too. Are we finally getting to know him or is he just trying to make things better for us by spending his time making money out of paper and giving it to us. Thought it would help….HE IS FIVE YEARS OLD!!! I have seen you in office for over a year now and I want to know what you can do to help us – the ordinary family trying to get back on our feet, live our lives as Americans should and no need to feel like we are. always struggling. You say you read these – at least 10 a day – and I’m sure other families are struggling just the same if not worse, but how are you going to help us??? Wall Street executives walk away with high pay for their investments or get bonus checks for the work they’ve done, most are snyde corporate executives who helped put the economy where it is today…. but what about the people who is doing the work for them?? ? We finally get the struggle. We are the ones who will be homeless and we are the ones you talk about when you say AMERICA is struggling and we haven’t seen any relief except you can keep collecting for another 13 weeks just to pay out of it in the end. … with the taxes you require us to pay back… WHY would you make people who are unemployed this fall have to pay back? We didn’t ask for this in the first place. I wonder where we can get the money to give away millions in the lotto but no money for the economy?? This is just something I can’t get. I am an upset American who is losing faith in you… I don’t want to lose that faith… When I voted for you, I was very encouraged that you will make the changes to help us- the middle class but it’s clear to me that the upper class is walking away feeling okay…while we continue to struggle. It’s not fair… The honest middle class is sitting back and struggling… it’s not fair… We never asked for this!! I don’t expect anything from this letter… just put yourself in my shoes… Every day I watch my family fall apart and I also worry about losing my house… all because because of what we know. .. Yes, the economy is bad… yea yea yea… This is heartbreaking!!!

​​​​​​I received a letter from you, and I know this has been a very difficult time for you and your families across America.

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You must know that all the steps I have taken are designed to stabilize the economy and help people get back on their feet. For example, unemployment benefits have traditionally been fully taxed but because of the Recovery, we reduced the taxes you had to pay.

I know that’s little comfort when times are so tough. But it’s an example of the kinds of measures — just like making COBRA more affordable so people who lose their jobs can keep their health care — that I’ve been fighting for.

I wish you and your family all the best, and I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers as long as I am in the White House.

How To Write A Letter Of Concern

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