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How To Write A Letter To Parole Board

How To Write A Letter To Parole Board – When writing letters of support, form is not the most important thing. However, the essential information must be present. Here are some tips from the Life Support Alliance for those writing letters of support to prisoners.

The writer should always include the prisoner’s name and prison number and the writer’s name and contact information. Letters must be current, no more than one year old, and updated for new hearings.

How To Write A Letter To Parole Board

How To Write A Letter To Parole Board

The author should specify what support he or she offers to the inmate. If the support is financial, state how much it is. If housing, state how long it will be available. If employed, specify the salary and whether it is a full-time position. If transportation is the support, explain to what extent: Can the inmate use a car? Ride sharing? For work, or for other purposes?

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The writer should talk about the changes seen in the inmate over time, most importantly the period between the life crime and the present. Note maturity and positive decision-making, but refrain from emotional appeals to the board. The writer needs to explain the relationship with the inmate in detail. The board wants to know how the writer knows the inmate and may call the writer to make sure the letter is legitimate.

Don’t discuss the victims. If the writer has witnessed the inmates showing great remorse for their victims, it would not be amiss to mention this. But don’t apologize to the victims or their families, and don’t minimize the crime. The inmate and the writer must face the hard truth.

The quality of letters of support is important, not the number of them an inmate presents to the board. An inmate should not require a letter of support from everyone. Letters should be from people who can talk about positive changes in the inmate and offer support. A few good ones will do. Also, if the letter is in a language other than English, it must be accompanied by a translation.

If writing for an inmate receiving a youth parole hearing and the writer knew the inmate at the time of the crime, tell someone who knows what was going on in the inmate’s life at the time and how it affected the inmate’s decision. – Manufacturing process.

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Mail three copies of the letter. A copy — counted only — should go to the lifer’s desk where the prisoner is housed. This will be recorded in the inmate’s file. One copy shall be given to the inmate’s attorney and one to the inmate. These are backup copies. Do not mail letters to the Board of Parole Hearing. Finally, be sure to mail these letters in plenty of time for them to be received and processed, at least a few weeks before the hearing.

A Prison Policy Initiative report maintains that some states are still seeking input from the wrong people on parole decisions.

In California, prosecutors and victims must be notified when a person is considered for parole. Yet the only information parole commissioners can give them is about the crime and who the person was, not the person’s rehabilitation efforts.

How To Write A Letter To Parole Board

Victims and prosecutors should have the right to be heard, but the information they provide is not helpful in determining whether the person has been rehabilitated, writes George Renaud in a report dated October 25, 2018.

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This is important in a 2016 survey by the Alliance on Safety and Justice. “60 percent of victims prefer a shorter prison sentence, spending more on prevention and rehabilitation than a longer prison sentence,” Renaud reported.

The report also showed that victims are “three times more likely” to be held accountable through non-prison options such as “rehabilitation, mental health, drug treatment, and community supervision.” They also believed that prisons do more than rehabilitate criminals.

Renaud argues that soliciting the opinions of prosecutors and victims during parole hearings is “contradictory” given the goal of keeping criminals behind bars. Yet some criminal justice experts still accept this antiquated process. Many reformers believe that parole decisions should be left to professionals who know how to recognize transition, psychological growth, and increased maturity.

The American Law Institute has recommended a second-look provision for the Penal Code to review cases of incarcerated individuals “who have served at least 15 years in prison,” Renaud reports. However, the institute also recommends informing prosecutors and victims of these measures, which undermines reform efforts.

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Reformers believe that “prosecutorial overreach” is partly responsible for mass incarceration. Restorative justice, at the other end of the spectrum, offers a progressive approach that allows survivors of violence to heal by meeting and talking to those who have wounded them face-to-face.

Life Support Alliance is a non-profit prisoner advocacy group focused on the needs and circumstances of California’s lifers and their families. Our primary goal is to help lifers understand the parole system, become eligible for parole, and help them find resources to do so.

Our primary means of achieving this is through our newsletter, the free, monthly Lifer-Line, and our larger subscription newsletter, the California Lifer Newsletter. We also hold seminars for end-of-life families across the state to provide families with information, insight and support.

How To Write A Letter To Parole Board

We sit as partners on various CDCR work groups and provide a voice and face to lifers in the legislature, state government and the public. We are not attorneys, cannot provide legal advice, operate reentry facilities, provide employment, or write letters of support.

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We attend parole hearings as observers, observe proceedings, and testify at personnel confirmation hearings and legislative bill hearings. We also offer transcript reviews, explanations of bills and policies, and general information with a lifetime focus.

If you have someone out there who can receive the newsletter via email, print and send it to you, please contact us at [email protected] and ask to be added to the mail serve list.

If you don’t have anyone to send Lifer-Line to, you can ask to be added to our volunteer mail waiting list. We have volunteers who provide this service for the inmates. Currently, we have more inmates who want newsletters than volunteers, but we can put your name on a waiting list and as we get more volunteers your name will be assigned for mailing.

Subscription rates: Prisoners: 1 year. $35, 2 years. $60, 3 years. $90 (or 5 books of stamps per year) When an inmate is preparing for parole, or if you are someone who wants to be paroled from prison, it is useful to write a letter to the parole board offering information that will help the board members. Informed decision. Your letter should include details about the sentence and the inmate’s post-parole plans so the Parole Review Board clearly understands that upon release, the ex-inmate will be a productive member of society. A well-written letter containing specific reasons why the prisoner should be paroled and details about past, present and future activities will increase the chances of release.

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If you are writing a letter in your own name, begin with a subject line that includes the date, your full name, the official name of the prison where you are serving your sentence, and the number assigned to you by the Department of Corrections. When you write a letter on behalf of a loved one, the subject line should include the date, your name, address, phone number, and email address. Skip two lines and add your subject line. If you are an inmate, your subject line should include your name, DOC number, and hearing date. When you are writing for someone else, use the same information in the subject line, but include the inmate’s name directly above his DOC number.

You are writing a formal letter to the appointed parole board members, so a polite way to start the letter is “Dear Parole Board Members.” There are usually five members and they have five different addresses. Make sure each member gets their own copy of the letter.

One of the first questions parole board members ask is where you (or, if you’re writing on behalf of someone else, the inmate) are going to live. Explaining that you will find a place to live after release is not acceptable. You must specifically indicate where and with whom the inmate will live after release. Also, explain whether he will rely on public transport or have a car available. List the agencies where the inmate registers to make himself available for work. Prisoners who acquire special skills while in prison can use them after release. If there is a job awaiting release from prison, provide details about the job, how the inmate got it, and the salary. If you are an intern, it can be very impressive if you include a budget when you start making money.

How To Write A Letter To Parole Board

You will meet soon after release

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