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How To Write A Letter To President Elect Obama

How To Write A Letter To President Elect Obama – I am writing this letter to express both my gratitude and concern for the letter you sent to the Howard University community on November 9, 2016, regarding the results of the 2016 Presidential Election. You may be wondering why I would take the time to write this letter as opposed to trying to talk to you in person. As one of my predecessors William Scott, 1975-1976 Managing Editor of The Hilltop, explained to the then president.

From the Hilltop Archives: William Scott, Managing Editor of The Hilltop from 1975-1976, writes an open letter to then-President James E. Cheeks on the morning of Howard University’s 109th Convocation. (Date: September 29, 1975)

How To Write A Letter To President Elect Obama

How To Write A Letter To President Elect Obama

James E. Cheek: “I cannot sit quietly with pen in hand while the silent and often misunderstood Howardite voices and concerns go unheard. Mr. President, this would be a gross miscarriage of justice – something that, I I’m sure you won’t tolerate it – something I shouldn’t let happen.”

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I’ve taken some time over the last couple of days to read line by line what you described in your letter to the Howard community, as it now appears that President-elect Donald Trump will be the next president in January 2017. start working of the United States. While I understand the tone and the words you wrote in the letter, I must state that the message was both passive and disappointing.

As the president of Howard University, which is one of the Historically Black Colleges and Universities and is known around the world as the “Mecca”, I am saddened as a student to read your position in this letter. While I don’t fully understand why you decided to take this position, the tone throughout says a lot about where you stand as the head of this institution. It is commented that political correctness is loud and clear, so I must respond as a frustrated student.

” Being both a Black and a Latino student, there is no getting around the decision made by the American people. Since President-elect Trump was nominated as the next president, hate crimes are being committed every day across the United States, with hate crimes being committed against African-Americans, Latinos, Muslims, the LGBT community, and other marginalized groups. . This kind of hate will not only expand across the nation, but I fear especially, near our own backyard at Howard University and throughout the District of Columbia. I have to ask as a student if you would be willing to provide safety and security to my fellow Howardites living on campus as the days go by.

In this pursuit, we will continue with our necessary duty to fully ensure that we achieve the important results of opportunity, equality, civil rights and civil liberties, which have been achieved on our campus by the leading students, faculty and staff who have already We have implemented, protect. .

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Historically, students, faculty and staff have always been at the forefront of advocating for social justice and equality for all who are oppressed both on and off campus, and yet, many Howard leaders before you have taken the stance of political correctness. avoid this responsibility for yourself. As Editor, the Howard community is not only looking to you, but needs you to actively lead this Black institution by example in light of this changing political climate. Especially as Howard University turns 150 next year, we look to your leadership to make it 50, 100 and 150 years from where we are today. Unfortunately, I’m not sure you’ll get a position other than this politically correct method.

At the end of the letter, you highlight our fellow Howard students who have reached the highest levels of public service, such as the Honorable Kamala Harris in the United States Senate, along with Congressmen Elijah Cummings and Gregory Meeks who were re-elected to the United States House. they do Representatives. While this approval is very admirable and historic for our American democracy, as a current student I am more interested in what is happening here, now, in this place, on the campus of Howard University.

With this upcoming change in the political climate that is sure to shake not only African American communities, but also HBCUs across the nation, I am called to ask the following of you as the president of Howard University:

How To Write A Letter To President Elect Obama

The United Nations (UN) held the opening meeting of the Permanent Forum on People of African Descent (PFPAD) between December 5-8 in Geneva, Switzerland.

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To promote U.S.-Africa relations and to foster new partnerships designed to create economic opportunities in both Africa and the United States, both public and private… This PDF file size is JPG. preview: 463 × 599 pixels. Other options: 185 × 240 pixels | 371 × 480 pixels 593 × 768 pixels 1, 275 × 1, 650 pixels.

I am sorry for your delay in issuing the identification letter that his team needs to begin his transfer.

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I am writing to you today in my individual capacity as Commissioner of the Federal Election Commission, one of the federal agencies involved in the presidential transition process. I am certainly concerned that the delay on your part will hinder the Commission’s ability to meet its obligations to the Revenue Department.

But I’m more concerned with the bigger issue here. The new administration will start working at a time when there is a serious public health and economic crisis for our country. As of yesterday, the pandemic has killed more than 238,000 Americans and is accelerating its pace across America.

The Biden administration needs to hit the ground running like few others. The resources that GSA contributes to this process are critical to its success. Your delay hurts President-Elect Biden’s ability to fully address the pandemic once he takes office.

How To Write A Letter To President Elect Obama

The reason for your delay is unclear. It is not the practice of GSA administrators to wait weeks until states release official results, or until the Electoral College meets and votes. The consistent practice of GSA managers is to begin working with seemingly successful candidates almost immediately.

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As of Saturday, there is no doubt that Joseph R. Biden, Jr. and Kamala D. Harris are the clear front-runners for president and vice president. The race was called in their favor Saturday morning by the Associated Press and every other major news outlet after those organizations calculated it was mathematically impossible for the lawsuit or the popular vote to change the outcome.

As far as the determination you have to make, there is no relevant difference between this election and the 2008 and 2016 elections, the last two times the presidency passed to a new incumbent.

In all three cases (2008, 2016, 2020), the polls were closed, enough votes were counted to mathematically determine the outcome, and the Associated Press and other major news organizations projected the winner.

And in two previous cases, the GSA Administrator acted quickly. In 2008, GSA Acting Director James A. Williams submitted his letter of recommendation to President-Elect Obama’s transition team the day after the election. In 2016, Donald Trump was considered the clear winner for the presidency based on the same conclusion that the Associated Press and other major news organizations reached as President-Elect Biden.

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You still failed to confirm that President-Elect Biden is the clear winner of the presidential election. Why? If you rely on criteria that have not been used in previous elections to justify your incompetence, you owe it to the American people to immediately give an honest explanation of what they are.

I know that many legal challenges are handled by the courts. They shouldn’t let you block the passage of President-Elect Biden. The Presidential Transition Act’s use of the term “apparent” calls for you to be less than 100 percent certain of the election results. The result of this presidential election is no less certain than that of 2008 or 2016. Even if any lawsuits filed this year are successful, they simply do not generate enough votes to affect the outcome of the presidential race.

Comparing the 2000 elections is not correct. James Baker, who led George W. Bush’s legal and political team in the 2000 Florida recount, says there are “huge differences” between the two situations.

How To Write A Letter To President Elect Obama

One thing that is different about this election – unprecedented in American history – is that the current president has so far refused to admit that he clearly lost the election. This is not important with your decision. When Mr. Trump disagrees with the results of the election, he does so as one of the candidates who participated in the election, not as the President of the country, and

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