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How To Write A Nice To Meet You Letter

How To Write A Nice To Meet You Letter – Connect with an acquaintance and say, “Nice talking to you!” It doesn’t end when you say it. If you want to maximize the impact of a meeting and build a meaningful relationship with a person, invest some time after the meeting itself. The easiest way to do this is to send an email. Although it doesn’t require a lot of time or effort, a simple post-meeting email can go a long way in building your network.

Below you’ll find examples of follow-up emails for different situations: sending a thank-you note after a meeting, asking for an introduction, connecting with a potential client, and more. But first, let’s take a look at some basic tips for making any email effective.

How To Write A Nice To Meet You Letter

How To Write A Nice To Meet You Letter

As with any email, your follow-up message should have a clear purpose. Want to thank a customer and help them in return? Are you going to agree on next steps? Want to ask for input or feedback?

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Targeting helps you tailor your email and get real results. If you don’t know why you’re writing an email, it’s best to avoid sending it at all.

It’s tempting to prepare a common email template and send it to every new connection you meet. But it doesn’t work that way. You need to personalize your message and show genuine interest in the person.

Mention what you particularly enjoyed during the meeting, look at the topic you discussed, and share your common thoughts. The person on the other side of the screen needs to feel that you care about them.

Value the reader’s time and get straight to the point. Cut out all the long introductions, repetitions, extra information, and anything else that doesn’t help you achieve your goal (that’s why it’s important to have one).

I Love You, Nice To Meet You

Send an email that is top of mind within 24 hours of the meeting.

Tip: Our email client, Spark, lets you schedule emails to send later to make sure your message is more likely to be read.

It’s time to act. We have prepared a bunch of regular email templates for different situations. Remember that these examples are for reference only, and you should always personalize them to suit your needs.

How To Write A Nice To Meet You Letter

Sending a follow-up email after a meeting or other event is a great way to remind the person who you are and how you can help them. If you promised to share useful resources with someone or introduce them to someone in your industry, follow through on that in your next email. It’s a great way to stand out and a new connection will appreciate your help.

How To Write A Heartfelt Thank You Card

It was great meeting [Event Name] yesterday. I especially enjoyed learning about your startup. As promised, here’s a list of journalists covering your industry: [link]. I recommend contacting them a month before you start work.

If you need an introduction to someone in the tech press, let me know. I’m happy to chat more about PR for startups.

Have you just met someone you want to work with? Use your future email to evaluate a potential employer. If you have any ideas that could benefit the company, please share them in your email. This is a great way to deepen your connection with the buyer and show them how you can help them.

You can also mention your relevant experience in the industry, but keep it short. This is not your CV, so list all your skills and projects.

How Do You Say

Thank you very much for meeting with me today. It’s great to learn more about your media [Website Name]. I especially enjoyed your post on EdTech startups and shared it with my connections in the industry.

I remember you talking about looking for a reporter, I would like to contribute to your website. I have been writing about privacy and data protection for 5 years, and my articles have appeared in [Media Names]. Here is a list of my best texts: [link].

I have a few article ideas for [site name] and would love to discuss them with you. Would you like to meet at the weekend?

How To Write A Nice To Meet You Letter

In your next email, show the potential client how you can solve the problem and why you are a good fit for them. If you’ve already helped similar customers, don’t forget to share their stories with a new link.

Greetings And Introductions Games

It was a pleasure to meet you yesterday and learn more about [Company Name]. I was amazed at how the team grew from 10 to 200 members in just one year.

I would like to share the story of our client who grew their Chinese user base by 200% when trying to introduce your app to the Chinese market: [link].

Their company has a lot in common with yours, and I believe our team can help localize the app and implement the best ASO experience.

The person you just met may know someone else you want to hook up with. Follow-up emails are a great place to ask for input. You can add a brief description of yourself or your company to help your new link introduce you to others.

Haven’t You Heard What Becomes Of Curious Minds?

It was great meeting [Event Name] on Monday. I was impressed with the user acquisition insights you shared. It was more than helpful to learn about your experience with TikTok ads.

When we spoke, you mentioned that you knew [Name] from [Company] with an excellent user acquisition experience. I would be grateful if you could introduce me to him.

I know how busy you are these days, so I’ve prepared a short message to make logging in as easy as possible:

How To Write A Nice To Meet You Letter

After a business meeting, it’s helpful to send a follow-up email to summarize everything you’ve discussed and let everyone know what’s next. List your agreed next steps, assign deadlines and people responsible.

Sandra Dumais Author / Illustrator

Thank you for a productive meeting this morning. We have agreed to launch a separate website for [Product Name].

We’re always learning from each other, and sending a thank-you note after a meeting is a great way to show your appreciation. Be specific about how the person helped you and why it was important. Offer something of value to show that you wouldn’t take it yourself.

Thank you for meeting with me today. We’d love to chat about UX best practices for dating apps and learn about your experience in the industry. I would greatly appreciate your advice on how to improve user onboarding. I have shared your tip with our team and they would like to try it.

As you mention that you want to add some gamification elements to your product, I love to share my favorite book on the topic. Here is the PDF version: [link].

It Is Nice To Meet You

A simple follow-up email after a meeting can go a long way in building your network. As we saw above, writing such an email is not as complicated as it seems. Just keep your goal in mind, show your genuine interest, and value your new connection.

Writing great follow-up emails is even better with Spark. It provides email superpowers like templates, profiles, email scheduling, and track reminders to make working with your mailbox more enjoyable. “Nice to meet you!” It’s a cute and familiar way to greet someone you’ve just met by email. But you can also change this stock phrase, especially when the stakes are higher.

Here’s a tip: Want to make sure your writing shines? It can check your spelling and save you from grammar and punctuation issues. It even proofreads your text, so your work looks great no matter where you type.

How To Write A Nice To Meet You Letter

Saying “Nice to meet you” can feel awkward when you first connect with someone via email. After all, you don’t shake hands and turn a blind eye. Should I admit that this is an online meeting, not an in-person meeting?

Read Nice To Meet You

I come across this situation a lot In public and media relations, connecting with new contacts via email is a daily occurrence. Many people still write “Nice to meet you” or “Nice to meet you”. Although it’s a polite and friendly greeting, it’s needless to admit that the meeting is online, and it even feels a little old-fashioned. It’s like saying, “You’re not a real person to me because we haven’t met IRL.”

Drop the “e-mail” and “virtual” references. We live and work in a digital world, it’s time to move on. Forbes agrees!

Here’s a tip: Avoid getting fancy with quotation marks. The surrounding quotes lose the meaning of “Nice to meet you”, so the meaning of the sentence is: it’s really nice not to meet you.

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