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How To Write A Reference List For A Job

How To Write A Reference List For A Job – In APA, the “Works Cited” page is called the “List of References” or “Reference Page”. “Bibliography” can also be used as a synonym, although there are some differences between the two.

If you are at the point in your article or research paper where you are looking for an APA format bibliography, then congratulations! That means you’re almost done.

How To Write A Reference List For A Job

How To Write A Reference List For A Job

In this guide, you’ll learn how to successfully complete a paper by creating a properly formatted APA bibliography. Specifically, you will learn how to create a

Setting Up The Apa Reference Page

In this guide, “bibliography” and “references” can be used synonymously, although there are some differences between the two. It is most important to use the “References” tag when writing your paper because APA style recommends including a reference page.

The difference between a bibliography and a reference page is a matter of scope. A bibliography usually includes

Materials and sources that were used to write the paper. The reference page, on the other hand, only includes entries for papers that are specifically cited in the text of the paper.

. An annotated bibliography is basically a reference page that includes your comments and insights about each source.

Apa Annotated Bibliography Format

An annotated bibliography can be a stand-alone document or part of a larger document. This means that creating an annotated bibliography may be a task in itself, or you may need to include it as part of your research paper, journal submission, or other project.

If you need to add an APA annotated bibliography, it goes after the reference page on its own page, within the appendices.

A properly formatted APA reference page begins on a new page, after the end of the text. It comes before figures, tables, maps or appendices. It has double spacing and what is called a

How To Write A Reference List For A Job

, where the first line of each reference is unindented and the second line of each reference is indented 0.5 inches. The reference page is also marked with center-aligned bold letters and capital letters that spell out “References”.

Apa) Reference Guideline

The APA reference page/bibliography should be in the same font as the rest of your paper. However, APA style doesn’t really require one specific font. According to section 2.19

, the main requirement is to choose a font that is legible and accessible to all users. Some of the recommended font options for APA style include:

Except for a 0.5-inch hanging indent on the second line of each reference entry, you do not need to change the margins of the reference or bibliography page. These should be the same as the rest of your paper, which according to APA has 1 inch margins on all sides of the page. This is the default margin setting for most computer word processors, so you probably won’t need to change anything.

An APA-style reference page should include full citations for all sources cited in your paper. This includes sources that have been summarized, paraphrased and directly quoted. Basically, if you have included an in-text citation in your paper, that source should also appear in your reference list. The literature list is organized alphabetically by author.

Apa Format: Everything You Need To Know Here

The citation format of the reference list varies depending on the type of source and the information available. But for most sources, your reference list entry will include the following:

Here are some templates and examples of how common sources should be formatted in an APA style reference list. If your source is not found here, there is also a guide that highlights different examples of APA citations.

Next, let’s look at a real example of a properly formatted APA reference page to see how these pieces come together.

How To Write A Reference List For A Job

Creating an APA reference page is actually much easier than creating a bibliography with other style guides. In fact, as long as you are aware of the formatting rules, the reference page practically writes itself as you go.

Parallelism In Writing

Below is an example of a reference page that follows the above guidelines. also has a guide that contains a complete sample paper in APA style, including a reference page.

All APA citations included in the reference page should be arranged alphabetically, using the first word of the reference entry. In most cases, this is the last name of the author (or the last name of the author listed first, when it comes to citations for sources with multiple authors). However, sometimes the reference entry may start with another element.

Creating an alphabetical reference page or bibliography may seem like a simple task. But when you start dealing with multiple authors and similar last names, it can actually get a little tricky. Fortunately, there are a few basic rules that can keep you on track.

When the surnames of two or more authors begin with the same letters, the rule “nothing precedes something” applies. Here’s an example of how it works.

Free Apa 7 Citation Generator & Apa Format Guide

Imagine if your reference page included authors Berg, M.S. and Bergman, H.D. The first four letters of each author are the same. The fifth letter is

APA Style requires that “nothing precedes something,” meaning that Berg will appear before Bergman. Similarly, James would automatically appear before Jameson and Michaels before Michaelson.

If the last name has a hyphen, apostrophe, or other punctuation mark, it can be ignored for purposes of alphabetical order. Similarly, anything that appears inside parentheses or parentheses should be ignored.

How To Write A Reference List For A Job

It is not uncommon for a research paper to cite multiple books by the same author. If you have more than one reference entry of the same person, the entries should be arranged chronologically by year of publication.

Your Task: Write A Case Study Analysis After

If a reference entry does not have a publication year available, then it should precede all entries that have a date. Here’s an example of proper alphabetical order for multiple entries by the same author:

Papers “in print” do not yet have an associated publication year. All “in press” sources are listed last, as shown above.

If the same author has several records with the same publication year, they must be distinguished by lowercase letters. Otherwise, in-text citations in your paper will match more than one reference page entry.

Here’s how to use lowercase letters to distinguish entries with the same author and year of publication:

Try Our Free Apa Citation Generator & Apa Format Guide

These lowercase letters are assigned to make in-text citations more precise. However, this does not change the fact that they have the same year of publication. If no month or day is available for any source, then they should be listed alphabetically by the title of the work.

When alphabetical by title, ignore the words “A,” “An,” and “The” if they are the first word of the title.

If more specific dates are provided, such as month or day, then it becomes possible to order these entries chronologically.

How To Write A Reference List For A Job

Authors who share the same last name but have different first or middle names can be listed alphabetically by first or second initial.

Creating A Reference List And In Text Citations In Microsoft Word (manually).

If you have reference entries with no author listed, the first thing you should double check is whether or not it exists

If there is no individual author listed, look at the source again. If, for example, it is published on the website of a government agency, there is a good chance that the agency is the author of the work and should be listed as such in the reference entry. You can read more about how to deal with group authors in section 9.11

If the work you’re referencing actually has the word “Anonymous” listed as the author, then you can list it as the author and list it alphabetically as if it were the real name. But this is

If you have confirmed that there is no single or group author for the work, then you can use the title of the work as the author element in the reference entry. In any case when using the title of the work for alphabetical order, you should skip the words “A,” “An,” and “The.”

Mla Works Cited

The following rules will help you determine when to use DOIs and when to use URLs in references:

Multiple entries with the same author(s) are arranged by year of publication. First entries without date, then in chronological order. If the published year is the same, a letter is added to the year and the entries are arranged in alphabetical order (after sorting by year).

A single-author source and a multi-author source sharing a single author. Entries by one author are listed first even if entries by multiple authors have been previously published.

How To Write A Reference List For A Job

For multi-authored references that have the same first author but different subsequent authors, arrange the entries alphabetically by the last name of the second author (or third if the first two authors are the same).

How To List References On A Resume [w/ Examples]

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