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How To Write A Relocation Cover Letter

How To Write A Relocation Cover Letter – Use this relocation cover letter example to complete your application and get hired fast—no frustration, no guesswork. This sample cover letter is designed specifically for Relocation positions in 2022. Take advantage of our sample sentences + expert guides to download the perfect cover letter in just minutes.

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How To Write A Relocation Cover Letter

How To Write A Relocation Cover Letter

So you move! Whether it’s across the country or just a few towns away, moving comes with all kinds of big goodbyes and new beginnings. How do you use a cover letter to your advantage when looking for jobs in a new location? How do you match a cover letter to a relocation position? Let’s dive into this guide and find out.

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When you have all the weight of so many personal changes on your shoulders, finding a new job can feel like a huge burden. That’s why we’re here to help. This relocation cover letter example and guide is packed with tons of writing and formatting tips to make you stand out in any industry—even if you feel like a bit of a newcomer.

Why is a cover letter essential for moving professionals? The answer is complex. First, for job seekers looking to relocate, a great cover letter is the only application material where you’ll even mention that you’re moving. If the hiring manager has questions, your cover letter is the answer. Next, there is the fact that you are connected to the local professional community in your former place of residence. In a new town or city, you need extra effort to show your personality, motivation and history. That’s why a cover letter is the perfect introduction tool because it expands beyond the dry formula of a .

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The collection of tips, tools and templates are designed to take the stress out of finding a new job. We have dozens of cover letter examples in multiple industries that can supplement this relocation letter guide with the exact advice you need for your field and job title.

Before you can write a great cover letter, you must first tackle writing. Check out the collection of 300+ examples, complete with specific tips and advice for your industry. Then bring all your experience, skills and education together with great format. Our professionally designed templates are quickly customizable within our easy-to-use builder.

The purpose of your relocation cover letter will be much the same as any other cover letter: introduce yourself and your experiences. You also want to make a personal connection that sticks with the hiring manager and makes them want to get to know you more, even if it means going through the extra trouble of bringing you from far away for an interview.

How To Write A Relocation Cover Letter

A good cover letter is short and to the point. As a relocation candidate, you will be at a slight disadvantage, as some of your precious cover letter space will be taken up by the explanation of your relocation. However, you want to keep the relocation section short and at the end of your letter – more on that later. The entire letter should not exceed one page or 200 to 400 words. In our general example on how to write a cover letter, we have tons of specific formatting advice, plus free templates to make creating great visuals a breeze.

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A “relocation” is inherently about you as the applicant, as it will not be the company that picks up the land and moves. This fact completely contradicts the whole point of a cover letter which is to show a company what you can do for them.

During the writing process, make sure you focus heavily on what makes you a uniquely qualified candidate. Don’t waste time arguing or explaining why you need a job in this new location. Instead, focus on the specific skills and traits you have that would fly you from the ends of the earth if they had to.

A cover letter for a move follows much the same structure as cover letters for all other jobs and industries. The key exception will be within the header and at the end of the body section where you briefly mention your move. In the next chapter, we will break down these important components:

You can find even more details on how to write each of these sections, plus free sample sentences and formatting tips in our general cover letter guide.

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Your cover letter header serves two important roles: the first is to highlight your cover letter with all the necessary contact information if a hiring manager wants to contact you about a job interview. You should never hide any information, but for a relocation cover letter, you’ll want to keep your digital contact information like phone number, email, and LinkedIn rather than a physical mailing address.

The second purpose of your cover letter is to create a professional presentation that catches the attention of a hiring manager and makes you stand out from other applicants. Your presentation plays an important role in how a hiring manager perceives you, so make sure your tone, branding and image align with the formality of the company. When in doubt, clean lines and a neutral color palette work well for most situations.

The purpose of this section: Keep your name and personal information at the hiring manager’s fingertips when they want to contact you. Create a visually appealing layout that is professional and appropriate for the employer’s image.

How To Write A Relocation Cover Letter

As a relocation candidate, you want to go the extra mile to make sure your application wows the HR team. One of the best ways to do that is by matching the document styles at the top of your letter and cover letter. A cohesive format conveys the impression that you’re a confident, polished candidate who knows her worth—exactly what you want to project to make your move an opportunity rather than a disadvantage.

How To Write A Cover Letter For A Job Application In 2022

If you don’t have time to become a graphic designer overnight, a template and accompanying cover letter template can make this process a breeze. Check out our collection of free cover letter templates in four categories that cover just about every profession: simple, modern, creative, and professional.

Your cover letter salutation plays an important role in setting a positive and friendly tone for the rest of your cover letter. The golden rule: if possible, try to address the recipient of the letter by name (select the box below for what to do differently). Use the most appropriate greeting based on the workplace culture – “Dear” or “Hello” are two possible options depending on the level of formality required.

The purpose of this section: Create a personalized message and positive tone by using the name of the recipient of the letter in your greeting.

As a candidate who isn’t based locally, it’s a smart idea to use every option you have to catch a hiring manager’s attention and make a great first impression. A big part of this is personalizing your letter with the correct name of the recipient. And it’s not just a shot in the dark – scientific research shows that people have a positive neurological response to hearing their own names.

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However, in large companies or offices with HR teams, it can be difficult to know how many people will read your letter, let alone their names. If the company directory or the job application can’t help you, there are other options. A collective greeting is usually your best bet. Try “Dear (Company Name) Hiring Team” or even “Company Family” if it matches the branding.

You can’t explain your move if you can’t even get a hiring manager to read your cover letter in the first place. Therefore, your introduction should be interesting and relevant, while still exuding the highest level of professionalism. Above all, don’t start with the details of your move. Instead, start your cover letter the way you would if you lived locally: with an interesting anecdote, relevant statistic or bold personal statement that flows right into the body part.

The goal of this section: Encourage a hiring manager to read your cover letter by using a skill, example, or fact without directly mentioning your resume.

How To Write A Relocation Cover Letter

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Your cover letter body is where you get in all the abilities and unique qualifications that you bring to the table. Start this section like

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