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How To Write A Salary History Letter

How To Write A Salary History Letter – We’ll dig deep into how you can include your salary requirements in a cover letter professionally without going too high or low and sounding pushy!

You may wonder why companies sometimes ask applicants to include their salary expectations in a cover letter. Basically, it is a first step in narrowing the applicant field.

How To Write A Salary History Letter

How To Write A Salary History Letter

Employers can make sure they don’t waste time contacting candidates whose expectations don’t match the salary range they’ve set for the position.

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Sometimes, however, it can feel a little awkward or intimidating to throw out a number to a potential employer.

But it’s actually very easy to include a strong salary expectation that will make you look knowledgeable, confident, and get you what you deserve as an additional part of writing a great cover letter.

We’ve also included examples of how you can include your salary request in your cover letter and we have over 500 great cover letter examples and templates you can use to write a cover letter that will get you work.

First, if a job application doesn’t ask you to include salary information, then don’t. It may damage your application.

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For example, if you ask for a very high salary, the employer may immediately ignore your request. On the other hand, if you ask for a salary that is too low, you may lose the income that would otherwise have paid you.

Salary discussions often come up in interviews anyway, so if they don’t ask in advance, wait for it. Of course, this means that you still need to be prepared to answer the question,

But if the job posting or application specifies that they want you to include a salary request, be sure to do so (unless you live somewhere where such questions are prohibited).

How To Write A Salary History Letter

Expected to include a salary request. You’ll want to do some research on the industry and take an honest look at your skills and experience to come up with a fair and reasonable number that will work for both parties.

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A good first step is to check average salaries for your industry. There are some good websites that can help you with this.

Salary.com is probably the most popular job site for specific salaries. It lists every position in a field with free salary information, and they include cost-of-living calculators, comparison tools, benefits lists and even negotiation tips.

Glassdoor gives users the opportunity to read company reviews based on employee feedback. This tool is great because instead of general industry information, you can do a salary search for a specific company and position – giving you a real insider’s edge.

It’s actually a really popular job posting aggregator that also has a salary search tool. Here you can use keywords in your search, above the job titles.

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Some other options that include salary information, cost of living calculators, and/or other help figuring out what salary to expect are SalaryList, Salary Expert, and for Americans, the Bureau of Labor Statistics can help.

Remember, no matter how specific or general the website you are looking at, what you are getting from them is information based on

Your education is an important determinant of salary. An applicant with a bachelor’s degree should expect a lower starting salary than someone with a master’s or doctorate. The more relevant education you have, the higher you can expect to fall in the salary range for a job.

How To Write A Salary History Letter

Consider the importance of your education – a degree in Sports Medicine doesn’t hold much sway in an accountancy firm, but a Forensic Accountancy degree or an MBA in Accountancy certainly does! You will likely see a higher starting salary with the latter two as a result.

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Different places have different costs of living – we know that rents in Manhattan will be higher than in Boise, Idaho for a comparable apartment! But the costs of transportation, food, entertainment and everything else vary from one city to another.

Because of this, employers recognize and compensate people differently depending on where they are expected to work. So consider where the job is located when you’re considering salary.

View your work history. If you have a lot of experience in the industry and company operations, you can usually expect higher compensation than someone with little or no experience.

However, look back at your work history and experience and you may be able to find great transferable skills or performance results that apply to the new job.

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Having specific professional certifications and licenses means you can command higher wages, in the same way that education affects your value as an employee. Since you have invested time in your professional development, an employer would be interested in offering you a higher salary for the value you bring and add to their team.

If you are a candidate with an in-demand skill, you may consider asking for a higher salary. For example, if you are applying for a UX design job in Germany and you speak English and German (and/or other languages ​​in the region), you would have applicable skills and could ask to be compensated accordingly.

When it comes down to it, you also need to think about what you need or would accept for a job as well. Regardless of what the average is, consider your personal expenses and expectations.

How To Write A Salary History Letter

If you need a certain amount to live on and for your savings goal, you may need to ask for that amount because it won’t be a good long-term fit if you can’t pay your bills! Likewise, if it’s a dream job and you have no other financial commitments, you may decide to strategically lower your expected rate to get your foot in the door.

How To Disclose Salary Requirements

If they haven’t specified that they want your salary request in a specific format, then you have a few options open to you.

When including your salary requirements in a cover letter, consider expressing it as a salary range rather than an absolute number. You might say something like, “My salary request is in the $50,000-$60,000 range.”

While this doesn’t give the employer an exact figure, it does give them an idea of ​​what you hope to earn. That way, you and the employer have some flexibility moving forward and can avoid getting fired for asking for too much or too little.

When using a range, make sure the high and low numbers are realistic based on your experience, position, industry, and the other considerations we talked about.

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Another good idea is to let the employer know that you are willing to negotiate your salary based on their budget, specific job requirements, and other compensation considerations like benefits. This is vague, so it may not fully answer their question, but it addresses it and opens the door to moving forward.

This is something you should always do. Whether you provide a salary range or include a specific figure, you should include a sentence letting the employer know that your salary requirements are flexible.

That way, if your request is out of their range, they can bring you back for an interview instead of tossing your application aside. Having said that, it also means that you can talk more about salary once you have a better idea of ​​the company and its expectations from the interview process.

How To Write A Salary History Letter

Writing a cover letter can be tricky. There are many considerations regarding their design, their overall format, the best outline to use, and even how to start writing and how to end them.

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Including a salary requirement adds another complication to contend with. The following examples should give you an idea of ​​how you might handle it in your specific case.

Based on my qualifications, professional results, certifications and the range of duties and responsibilities of the role, my salary requirement is $75,000 per year. Please note that, however, I am flexible and willing to negotiate based on your budget, requirements and the full compensation package offered. I would be happy to discuss my salary requirements further once I have a better picture of the offer, your position and the potential for career advancement.

As per your request, I would like to suggest a salary in the range of $75,000 to $90,000. My requested salary is based on my previous salary history, posted job description, my direct experience and related compensation typical for this role in the industry. As you will see in my CV, I have spent many years in my education and regularly take classes and certifications to continue my professional development and I think I would add a lot of value to your team. Please keep in mind that the actual salary we can agree on is also negotiable based on other important factors such as professional development opportunities, employee benefits and career advancement.

Regarding your request for a desired salary, and based on the job duties and responsibilities listed, I would like to suggest compensation in the range of $40,000-$50,000. I base this on salary research for comparables

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