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How To Write A Sweet Letter To Your Girlfriend

How To Write A Sweet Letter To Your Girlfriend – In one of my previous blog posts titled Nostalgia I wrote about having a box of memories—a collection of things we don’t want to forget—and what we put in those boxes. I admit to throwing away a lot of old letters, especially love letters that I received when letter writing was still in vogue and electronics didn’t even exist. This makes me sad longhand form of letter writing. I miss the feel of the pen crossing the page, the ink attached to the lovely stationery that reflects the feeling that comes when the letter comes to life. I can not remember the last time I wrote a love letter and feeling, and that makes me want to Google a John Keats love letter and read one of his. (Wait. I’m done with that. Do we have to pause for inspiration? If you need it like I do, go here: John Keats’s love letters).

Very nice. Let’s move on. Let’s pledge to write a love letter in today’s language for someone we care deeply about. Why?

How To Write A Sweet Letter To Your Girlfriend

How To Write A Sweet Letter To Your Girlfriend

Because we want to do noble things. We are going to do something meaningful and extraordinary. We are going to risk it all and put ourselves emotionally and save a dying art form.

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(Let it be said: Just as we are all aware of doing our part to recycle and save the planet, let’s quickly do our part for this worthy cause).

Now, raise your hands in some kind of pledge formation (it can be reminiscent of a Brownie, Girl Scout, or Boy Scout pledge; or it can be as if you’re taking a pledge. A visible gesture in the air will work well). Now, this is the part where you have to talk to yourself a lot (so, if you have to, keep it secret with all these love letters/soft stuff, close the office door, go outside where no one can see you, or mumble .soft with your back to nosy people wondering about your every move).

“Today I will write, in my own handwriting, using my own thoughts and emotions, an important letter to the people I love.”

Step 1: Grab a pen (not your iPad, computer, or Blackberry), but a writing pad with a good ink color, and while you’re at it, check in your old drawer to see if you’ve got a writing pad. pleasant If you don’t have good stationery, it’s available anywhere from Target to Paper stores to Hallmark stores. If you decide to make this happen regularly, you may want to invest in some nice items. Honestly, it shouldn’t count as much, but the actual presentation of the letter will probably score you some points. Appearance and peace are really important. It shows that you put some thought into it.

A Love Letter Template For Your Use

Step 2: Who will receive this letter? (For you partaking in this activity, this should be abundantly obvious. However, if you are not sure who you will address the letter, I believe Johnny Depp or Cameron Diaz will work well for this training round).

Step 3: Think about the theme of the entire letter. Will it be a declaration? Reinforcement of the sentiment of love, respect, or care for the person? Your letter should have several themes. Perhaps the nature is that you are grateful for that person’s role in your life. It can also speak of a favor that your loved one has recently given you. Or, it could be acknowledging that your recipient means the world to you. What is the theme, write accordingly.

Step 4: Start composing your thoughts and address them specifically to that person on paper. Be careful and come from the inside. Allow yourself to feel the words flowing out of you as you write them. If necessary, write the first draft before you put it in the final form-or, be brave, and let the first draft be “one”.

How To Write A Sweet Letter To Your Girlfriend

Step 5: Your letter should be like a good book – it should have a beginning (salutation), a middle (body), and an end (a memorable cover). Again, let the prose come from the heart, and while Keats’s writing is poetic and elegant, this love letter should sound like you. Remember, this is meant to be saved, and one of your loved ones will want it as a keepsake and maybe even keep it in his memory box.

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Step 6: Check again. Does it say everything you want it to say? Do you like the tone and the language? Does it look beautiful? Was it a good presentation and was it addressed correctly? Does it reflect your feelings and the nature of your relationship?

Step 7: Display it. The message. Deliver it. Have someone deliver. Included with the gift. The way you decide to carry the letter in the hands of your loved one will be part of the overall impression on him.

Step 8: Pat yourself on the back. You create handwritten love letters and save the dead art. And you might make someone very happy in the process. You may not save the planet in this endeavor (trust me, the trees will love that love remains on paper), but you have reacquainted yourself with the lost art of writing personal handwritten prose to someone you love.

Writing a love letter is one of the most romantic things you can do. And I’m sure it will be one of the most treasured gifts you give. This guest post has the power to enrich your relationship with your children. Every day I want to tell the kids what they mean to me. I have noticed that expression is the gateway to trust, warmth, and appreciation. Just doing actions for them every day is not enough – they need to hear (or read) words from me; as a parent, my words shape their world.

How To Write An Impressive Romantic Love Letter

The words of our Heavenly Father can be just as powerful for our children. That’s why I’m so excited to introduce you to a resource intended for little ones that helps them know God’s love personally. In Little Love Letters from God, author Glenys Nellist shares eight lift-the-flap letters based on biblical stories. You can register for a free copy of his new book by scrolling down on the homepage or by clicking here. Giveaway will run until 9 am EST Saturday.

In the spirit of her book, Glenys shares five creative, heartwarming ways we can write love letters to our children (or grandchildren) to tell them what they mean to us. I love #4! He wrote:

When you choose a birthday card for your child or grandchild, choose one that has enough space to write a love letter. It starts with Dear ______, how are you like at two (or how old are they)? Tell your child what toys they like to play with, what they are good at, what fun days you shared together, and what you enjoy doing. These cards containing love letters will be treasured keepsakes for children and parents to look back on for years.

How To Write A Sweet Letter To Your Girlfriend

I have four grandchildren. Before they were born, I bought a small notebook for each of them, and started writing love letters to them. The first letter I wrote was when they were in the womb, where I shared my hopes for them, described the family they were going to be born into, and talked about their family ancestry. Now I write a letter to them about every six months, describing how they are like, how they grow and how they spend their days. How precious these letters will be when I am long gone, and since they are in books, they will not be lost.

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Buy a journal and tell your child that this will be a book of shared love letters. Start by writing a simple love letter to them, like Dear ________, I love baking cookies with you today! See you tomorrow…sleep. I love you mom. Tell your child that every night before bed (or whatever arrangement works for you), you can each write a love letter in a journal. These shared writings can start even at a young age, when it can help with early reading and writing skills, not to mention a conversation full of love that will inspire!

Write a love letter to your child for them to “Open When”. Label each envelope, place it in a box, and decide with your child where the box should be placed. Some ideas can be opened when:

Don’t wait for special days like Valentine’s Day, Christmas or their birthday to write a love letter to your child. Just write one from the heart, and most importantly, pop it in the letter!

PS Be sure to check out Laura Sassi’s blog the week of February 7th for free Valentine craft love letters!

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