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How To Write An Internship Application Letter

How To Write An Internship Application Letter – We don’t blame you; Cover letters are difficult to write even if you have a decade’s worth of work experience, let alone if you are a recent graduate or a student.

Don’t worry, though; In this article, we will teach you everything you need to know to write a compelling cover letter for your internship.

How To Write An Internship Application Letter

How To Write An Internship Application Letter

First things first – if you’re wondering if you really need a cover letter for your internship application, the answer is yes.

Cover Letter For A Job Or Internship Position

An internship application is just like any other hiring process, meaning that a recruiter will go over your resume, cover letter (and maybe even references) and decide if you’re qualified for the position.

And yes, recruiters contrary to what you might think, recruiters read your cover letter. 56% of recruiters prefer a cover letter with an application form.

It’s reasonable – a cover letter allows you to add essential information that you didn’t have room for on a resume, and explain (in words) how your experiences are tied to the role you’re applying for.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s go over all the best ways to write an internship cover letter.

Accounting Internship Cover Letter Examples, Samples & Templates

Before you can focus on the content of your cover letter, you should first make sure that you have the right format.

Otherwise, your cover letter will be disorganized and the recruiter will have a hard time following your idea.

Having trouble getting started with your cover letter? Read our guide on how to start a cover letter and get inspired!

How To Write An Internship Application Letter

Around 48% of recruiters and hiring managers aren’t even going to read your cover letter if it’s not customized to the role you’re applying for.

Resume And Cover Letter Samples

And one of the easiest ways to do this is by mentioning the role you are applying for right in the opening of the cover letter.

Here is a practical example of how you can mention the role you are applying for in the opening of the cover letter:

It is my pleasure to apply for the internship position for Communication Assistant in the United Nations Development Programme. I can safely say based on my 2-year experience working as a journalist and my excellent academic results in the Mass Communications major that I would be suitable for the position.

When reviewing your application, hiring managers tend to scan your cover letter or resume and look for the right terms that would make you qualified for the internship you are applying for.

Cover Letter For Law Internship 2023 (guide & Free Sample)

E.g. If you’re applying for a job in graphic design, the recruiter is probably looking for terms like “Photoshop,” “Illustrator,” or “InDesign.”

It’s actually quite simple – just look at the internship job description and go through the required skills and responsibilities and identify the terms that you would think the recruiter is looking for.

Now, let’s look at a practical example. Let’s say that the internship you are applying for requires the following skills:

How To Write An Internship Application Letter

During my time as editor-in-chief at my university newspaper, I got to develop my communication and leadership skills significantly. For over two years, I was in charge of a 7 person team, which also helped my teamwork skills and my ability to meet deadlines.

Logistics Intern Cover Letter

44% of hiring managers say they will reject a resume or cover letter that looks like it copied the job posting.

Using every keyword mentioned in the job description (without supporting the skills with experiences) can cause the hiring manager to think that you are just copying the job ad and do not have the skills.

So, don’t just copy and paste all the terms from the job description, and if you do a lot of these terms, make sure to back them up with practical experiences.

If you don’t have a lot of work experience, your education and relevant coursework is your best chance to show that you are suitable for the internship.

I Used Ai To Write A Cover Letter For An Application At Google

Letting the recruiter know what kind of courses you’ve taken that are relevant to the internship you’re applying for will be a big plus for your application.

Say, for example, that you are applying for an internship as a graphic designer. To make your internship cover letter impressive, make sure to mention all the relevant courses and related achievements.

As a visual design major, I have completed several courses that have helped me build my professional portfolio. Some of the most beneficial ones are Design & Layout and Visual Communication: Theory and Practice. I also gained valuable experience by editing the university newspaper for 4 years and several books as independent projects.

How To Write An Internship Application Letter

It is one thing to claim that you have a set of skills and another to prove it.

Internship Cover Letter Template

Anyone can say they are great at doing something, but what makes all the difference is when you can actually put your money where your mouth is.

For example, in your internship cover letter, instead of just mentioning that you have “good time-management skills,” actually back it up with a past experience that proves it.

During the summers I assisted my family’s wedding planning business, I learned a lot about time management. In this kind of business, it’s important that things run like clockwork, so in addition to time management skills, it also improved my attention to detail.

In addition to just listing the skills that are relevant and beneficial to the internship, you should also explain why you are suitable for the position.

Supply Chain Internship Cover Letter Example

This means that you should connect the dots between what the company/organization is looking to gain from its interns and what you can do to provide those services.

So, after you research and create an understanding of what is required of you, you should use your cover letter to explain why you are suitable for this position.

For this example, let’s assume that you are applying for an internship at a human rights organization. A large part of what this role requires is categorizing virtual files of the cases the organization has worked on in the past.

How To Write An Internship Application Letter

What you want to do, in this case, is show how you can help with this particular job as an intern. Here’s how:

How To Write An Internship Cover Letter (with Examples)

I spent 3 summers working at the National Library, where I was tasked with sorting and categorizing books based on their subject, author, and year of publication, as well as memorizing where each section fit in the library. I believe that the skills that I have perfected over the years can really be of use for the internship position at Organization X.

In addition to showing (and proving) your skills and how you can benefit the company, you should also explain how getting the position will benefit you.

When it comes to internships, they often serve the purpose of helping students and young professionals gain in-depth knowledge about the industry, create a network and develop skills that will benefit them throughout their career.

So, it will definitely help you make an even better impression if you show that you are self-aware of what you will get out of the internship and how it will help you grow professionally.

Cover Letter For Environmental Internship

I am excited for this internship to provide me with the necessary customer service skills and network that will help me grow professionally in my future career as a customer service manager.

After all is written and done, there is one last thing to do and that is to make sure that your cover letter has no mistakes.

A spelling or grammar mistake probably won’t disqualify you, but at the same time, it will probably be a red flag to recruiters that you’re not paying attention.

How To Write An Internship Application Letter

For this reason, ask a friend to proofread your cover letter or use instant proofing software such as Grammarly and Hemingway.

Summer Internship Cover Letter

Want to know what other cover letter mistakes you should avoid? Our guide to cover letter mistakes has everything you need to know about the topic!

Sure, you could go with a generic Word cover letter template, but what fits when you can stand out?

At Novorésumé, all our resume templates come with a matching cover letter template, guaranteed to make your application truly special.

And that’s a wrap! You should now have all the necessary information on how to create a cover letter for an internship.

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How To Write An Internship Application Letter

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