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How To Write Letter Of Persuasion

How To Write Letter Of Persuasion – Teaching persuasive writing isn’t easy, and getting kids, especially freshmen, excited about it is even harder! But not when demons are involved….

“This woman is crazy! Look at that mess! Why would anyone purposely raid their own classroom for the sake of a convincing writing lesson?”

How To Write Letter Of Persuasion

How To Write Letter Of Persuasion

And maybe you’re right. But reading and writing activities in our small freshman classroom provide the perfect “playground” for adventures like this! Knowing the secrets empowers my children (many of whom are ELLs) to read what they love and write stories for them.

Exploring Persuasive Writing

I want to tell! And unlike the average mid-year freshman, they are not in the least dependent on visual vocabulary for reading and writing.

My name is Renee McAnulty and I am a first grade teacher at Cottonwood Elementary School in Hesperia California, and you may remember me from previous guest posts on Katie’s Blog.

I am that teacher who is constantly trying to find creative ways to fully involve my children in our lessons. When it comes to teaching beginner readers and writers, the first (and most important) step is to ensure they have the tools they need to read and write.

And that’s not easy given how little of the code (i.e. audio skills) the average freshman in first grade has at this point, in order of grade level coverage and order in our reading series.

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This includes video games, YouTube, high-energy TV shows, etc. Add to the constant pressure of trying to compete with students, it can be difficult to focus students’ attention on reading and writing tasks! My special recipe includes the “4Cs” – Creativity, Critical Thinking, Collaboration and Communication….with a “sprinkling” of secrets! Combining all these components has completely changed what reading and writing looks like in our classroom. In fact, we have become so strong in our abilities that we sometimes have to write to get ourselves out of difficult situations, like last week.

Before explaining the chaos, remember that we are first-year students and therefore have HUGE imaginations!

In fact, did you know that demons are responsible for messing up classrooms all over the world? If you don’t believe me, Google it as their confusion is well documented. That’s why I made gin traps for my little ones. We even held an entire school “genie display” to showcase our creative traps and encourage others to do the same.

How To Write Letter Of Persuasion

So, after we set up and set our traps, we left them out overnight. When we returned to our classroom the next morning, it was total chaos! The leprechauns not only escaped our traps, they also cluttered our room, leaving us to clean up their mess…..and it was a HUGE mess!

How To Teach Persuasive Writing In First Grade

Still in shock, but with a full day of learning ahead and no time to waste, my little munchkins started cleaning up the giant mess as fast as they could. Then our manager entered the room without any warning (which I admit, “maybe” preplanned! 😉

His face showed shock… and disappointment. How can these precious freshmen who love their school treat their classes like this? He was mute. The children immediately tried to explain what had happened, “We didn’t! They were leprechauns!”

The expression on his face said he wasn’t buying. (Our principal has some theater training and is such a good actor!) The kids could tell he really thought WE were doing it! They tried their best to explain but in vain.

Our manager is a very busy man and has no time to listen to nonsense. However, despite his busy schedule, he is also very reasonable and very fair. Therefore, he gives the children their most important task to date, to WRITE him to explain why they are not responsible for the mess. If they can prove, with evidence and research, that the real culprits are the leprechauns, and the reasons they believe are the ones who did it, then they might be persuaded to believe us.

February Copy Of Writing Persuasive

The children wasted no time. They thanked him and then went to clean up the classroom. They cleared the tables, sharpened the pencils and began to write.

Our reputation was at stake! Such are the moments when simple children’s writing in simple, simple visual words just won’t work. We wouldn’t be able to convince our principal that we were innocent:

This awesome (albeit messy) typing adventure was the perfect blend of play, passion and skill! It wasn’t just fun, it was exciting! Who would have thought that words like this would be used to describe a top-notch writing assignment?!!

How To Write Letter Of Persuasion

When the last of the writers had finished, I sent our class representatives to the office to schedule a meeting with Mr. Mauger so that we could read our letters and defend our case. He called us right after lunch. The children gave him their letters and showed some of their research on the Internet.

Persuasive Writing Game

After some persuasive talk, our manager finally said he believed us. The children were so relieved and so proud that they once again wrote the way out of another difficult situation! (You can read about our trauma on Rocky, the school’s mascot, here!)

When we got back to our classroom, we sat down and talked about everything that had happened. I told them how proud I was of them. “Munchkins, because you officially read and write! You wrote exactly what you wanted to say and you didn’t even have to ask me how to spell anything! You had the strength and confidence to write your own thoughts down on paper!” (A quick note here – if you use Hidden Stories but don’t know/don’t use the “Zoo Keepers and M&M” strategy, you need to watch this and then download it NOW! It’s free and it really helps kids understand as many letters as they hear in the words they’re trying to write (and their Secret! ).

You may think that such a large production is unnecessary for a silly little writing class. And, of course, I could hand out a worksheet with a few genies and a few lines to write on, while listening to the sighs and moans explaining what the topic of writing was and how many sentences they had to “write.” “in order to do.

The whole lesson probably wouldn’t have taken more than twenty minutes and then we could move on to something else….While keeping our classroom tidy and clean! But where’s the fun in that?

Persuasive Writing Strategies And Tips, With Examples

The truth is, next year these kids won’t even remember learning to read and write, just as they don’t remember how they learned to walk and talk. These are tasks that they perform automatically without any effort.

That’s my goal for them as readers and writers – they’ll be more fluent every day! They may not remember the actual learning process, but they will never forget the day a crazy group of elves ruined their classroom and how they had to rely on their writing skills to convince the principal that they were innocent of the crime!

I hope you enjoyed this look at our world-class persuasive writing journey and I hope it inspires you to infuse more “games” into your classroom reading and writing activities!

How To Write Letter Of Persuasion

Incorporating “play” into literacy learning is essential at early grade levels, and Secret Stories turns every reading and writing experience into a virtual playground! secrets

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Play when it comes to kids! They cannot stop talking about them and actively “hunt” with words throughout the day. They play a role in sound behavior to get the sounds/spellings they need to read/write.

This may sound strange to those who haven’t used Secrets, but it’s almost like my class and I are on an endless vacation of reading and writing adventures! I say “vacation” because we have already exceeded all of our “required” first grade reading level goals – most children are well above the reading (and writing) grade level and those who would normally struggle are performing strong. grade level.

Our small first-year classroom has become a reading and writing playground with opportunities for deep learning and critical thinking! (I actually saw a video clip of a kindergarten teacher trying to explain the same thing, and that’s exactly how I feel.)

When kids know the Secrets, they “own the code” and have everything they need to read and write whatever they want. This is very important as the standard curriculum leaves too many gaps. Before I started using Secret Stories, my first graders struggled to read and write anything but the visual words they had memorized.

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