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How To Write Letter Of Response

How To Write Letter Of Response – After submitting a manuscript to a scientific journal and receiving comments from reviewers and/or the journal editor, authors are often asked to revise their manuscripts in light of the comments provided. While authors usually have no problem responding to comments from a scholarly or academic perspective, they sometimes struggle to choose the most effective way to respond.

By ‘effective’ here we mean presenting responses in English (i) in an organized manner and (ii) in a balanced and collegial tone; or, turned upside down, presenting responses that do not waste the time of the journal editor or reviewers because they are poorly organized, unnecessarily verbose, or inappropriately worded.

How To Write Letter Of Response

How To Write Letter Of Response

Your goal in revising a paper is not only to keep an accurate description of what you did and your interpretation of the findings, but also to include reviewer comments that help improve your description and interpretation. As we mentioned in the previous article, you don’t have to agree to make all the changes suggested by the reviewers to your manuscript, but you should be able to explain appropriately why you choose not to make them. It’s just as important to show what proposed changes you’ve decided to make.

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In this article, we provide some tips on how to effectively prepare your responses for peer review, editorial review, or both. You will also find:

1. Some useful phrases to use (and avoid) so you can give collegial and considered answers

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Not all reviewers provide comments in the same format, but many reviewers provide “important comments” followed by “minor comments.” These two categories of comments may be preceded by reviewers’ summaries of the aims, methods, main results, and implications of your work.

Minor comments: These usually relate to aspects of the presentation such as grammatical errors, inconsistencies, missing appropriate citations, and suggested changes to tables and figures

We suggest you work through these four steps in preparing for a reviewer response. You can skip step 1 if the reviewer has already categorized the comments as major and minor.

How To Write Letter Of Response

At this point, be sure to check the deadline for returning revised work. This is what some magazine editors say in their letter to you. Otherwise, you may have to check whether the deadline is specified in the guidelines for authors. For example, a 3-month (90-day) deadline may be given. Be sure to plan the work you need to do, including drafting the letter (and any time for editing and translating the revised document and response letter), within this time frame. If at any stage you feel that you will not be able to meet the stated deadline for resubmission, be sure to notify the journal editor. We will be happy to help you draft an appropriate letter requesting additional time to revise, and most editors will be happy to grant an extension.

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Here, you want to use appropriate phrases to respond to the editor and reviewer, and organize your responses in a clear and simple way.

Some journals ask authors to respond to reviewer comments in a specific format (eg list all comments and corresponding responses in a table), but many journals do not specify how authors should respond. In the latter case, we recommend that you organize your responses clearly and simply to make the second review as efficient and smooth as possible (ie, not to waste the reviewers’ time, which is usually unpaid, and not to excessively delay the acceptance decision).

To guide you in preparing an appropriately worded and well-organized response letter, we’ve created a response letter template and offer some general tips below.

In most fields, almost all papers require revision before being accepted for publication. Responding to reviewer comments can be difficult, especially as we progress in our research after submitting an article. However, by following the steps and guidelines above and remembering that reviewers are our professional peers, the review and response process can become simpler and better integrated into our research cycle. Our language editors specialize in helping authors, journal editors and reviewers throughout the publication process, so please contact us if you need help revising your work.

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Our monthly newsletter offers valuable advice on how to write and present your research most effectively, as well as advice on how to avoid or solve common problems authors face.

Our online Q&A support service offers researchers, clinicians and scientists quick and easy online access to specialist editors. A polite response to a dereliction of duty request letter will help develop a strong relationship with the employer. This letter format will help you construct sentences with appropriate words to reveal the exact reason for not completing the assignment on time.

Apologizing and assuring that there will be no further negligence will certainly save your image and work in the organization. Communicating your plans to submit work on time will be an added advantage for you.

How To Write Letter Of Response

Please accept this as my sincere and sincere apology for the problems and difficulties you have experienced due to my inability to properly fulfill the duty of (specify product problem) on (specify date).

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I sincerely apologize in any way that I have offended you and the senior staff of our company (mention the name and details of the company). I can assure you that I will not repeat this mistake in the future.

I will do my best to complete the assigned tasks within the specified time. I will be very happy if my schedule is resumed from the specified date (specify the date and time).

If you have anything else to say, you can contact me on these contact details (please include the address).

This letter is written to formally warn you on behalf of our institution (mention the name of the institution) regarding your repeated unethical behavior and negligence in the performance of duties. As our company values ​​sincere employees, we cannot allow this kind of disrespectful and irresponsible behavior towards the company.

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Despite numerous verbal warnings, you have shown no progress in sincere work. You’re constantly missing deadlines, turning in incomplete assignments, being late, and more.

Your bad attitude has a great impact on the working environment of our organization. We have already warned you about this many times at our previous meetings. We hope you will try your best to follow the company’s rules and regulations in good faith and we will not have to scold you again in the future.

We hope that you will make your real efforts to help us in the success of our company.

How To Write Letter Of Response

We have become aware that your recent activity does not meet the level of recognition of the company (specify the name and details of the company). This was confirmed by our bosses and colleagues in the department with repeated complaints (I will give details).

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You constantly neglect your responsibilities, presenting projects later than planned, not attending meetings, and many other inappropriate relationships.

Despite various verbal warnings, you have shown no signs of improvement. As we have said before, we are obliged to send this letter as a formal written communication.

You have to change your attitude and do everything you can to increase your productivity. You’ve been a good worker before, and we’re sure you’ll be able to do it again.

If you have any problems, you can share them with us so that we can help you to the best of our ability.

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