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How To Write My Job Description

How To Write My Job Description – Most JDs are written by busy hiring managers or recruiters. They read more like a legal contract than clean ad copy.

For more tips on writing job descriptions, see How to Write  Job Description  — Examples and Best Practices.

How To Write My Job Description

How To Write My Job Description

Check out how Comcast leads their job description below. They not only use questions but also provide examples of candidate interests in the questions (e.g. “projects with tangible impact”).

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My advice: Try starting your job description with a question or two. It sets the tone to your candidate that you are having a conversation. A few good sample questions to use are:

A well-written job description uses first person (me, me, we, our) and second person (you, yours). Again, this makes it more conversational.

My advice: Try to use first/second person throughout your job description. If it’s too much, a small step would be to change your section title to first/second person (e.g. About You, What You Get, About Us, etc.)

Did you know that each benefit you include in your job ad increases your application rate by 1% to 5% (see this Appcast study)? Check out Coinbase’s JD below. They dedicate almost the entire right rail to their benefit.

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The reason well-written job descriptions use benefits is for the benefit of meeting basic safety and survival needs (see Candidate Needs Hierarchy for Job Ads) by Maslow.

However, you can say, “we have included benefits on our careers site.” Well, it doesn’t matter if your candidates come to you from job boards or Google or referred by employees. Job postings are the buying point and you need that selling point there.

My advice: Include a Clear Benefits section. Check out our List of 20 Great Employee Benefits if you’re looking for ideas on the types of benefits other companies include in their job descriptions.

How To Write My Job Description

A well-written job description is easy to read. One trick to make your JD easier to read is to break up the text with bulleted content. The candidate’s eyes will be grateful for the rest you give them.

Linkedin Summary Examples

Check out Textio’s job posting below. It mixes paragraphs with bulleted text sections so that candidates can read them faster.

My advice: A good rule of thumb is to use bullet points for 25% to 35% of your job description words.

Check out the Disney job posting below. They list out the actual things the employee will do in this role on a daily/weekly basis.

My advice: Ask the hiring manager to list the top few things someone in this role can do on a regular basis.

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Take a look at this heat map of a job posting below, showing in bright orange and red which candidates find most attractive or that would drive them to apply.

My advice: If you want to write a good job description, you need to be as specific as possible. Don’t worry about missing out on candidates who are disqualified by any detail. Either way, they probably won’t be a good fit.

Some candidates will scroll to the bottom of your job description to make sure they haven’t left out anything important.

How To Write My Job Description

Note what Huge Inc. do below. They end each job ad with a diversity/inclusion statement unlike the typical boilerplate/EEO language many employers use.

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Our team at Ongig is on a mission to change your job description. Our Text Analyzer job description software helps you get well-written job descriptions without having to hire expensive copywriters. Click Request Demo if you want to see it in action. Since very few companies invest the time or effort into writing a compelling job description, you have a huge chance to stand out. Job postings can be more than just a list of requirements — they can strengthen your employer brand and inspire the right candidates to take action.

All of your candidates – whether passive or active – will read your job description at some point during the hiring process. Why not use them strategically to attract and maintain the attention of the candidates you are actually pursuing?

Here are six examples of job descriptions that do just that — and what you can borrow from them.

Many companies start their job description with a standard company profile. But that’s why you have a career website and a pany page. Candidates may find out about your company in other places, so give a brief overview of your company and consider moving it to a less prominent position in the job posting. your.

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Instead, use the prime real estate at the top of your job posting to speak to your target candidates and sell them your opportunity.

Zappos job descriptions are candidate-centric, focusing on the reasons the candidate might want to work there before asking for the job. This includes:

An expandable About Us section is hidden in a sidebar so candidates can learn more about the company if they wish to do so.

How To Write My Job Description

Shorten your list of requirements to show what’s really needed to do the job. And if you have legal requirements, separate them at the end.

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Red Bull keeps their job description short and to the point, with a brief list of skills and qualifications required. You don’t see long blocks of text or tons of jargon — all of which is more important as candidates increasingly read job descriptions on their phones. Long and boring very easily; concise and powerful effect.

Whether your culture is serious or laid-back, the people on the other end of your job description are just that – people. So write as if you were talking to them.

GitLab details their job requirements and responsibilities as if they were discussing an opportunity with their ideal candidate. For example, they say, “As a Product Design Manager at GitLab, you will be responsible for managing a team of up to 5 talented Product Designers.”

This approach can allow job seekers to visualize themselves in the role so they can decide if it’s right for them.

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Breathe life into your subheadings so you can attract candidates and keep them on your job listing long enough to apply. They can be as simple as, “You are great” or “What do we expect from you.”

Amgen uses subheadings such as “LIVE” to explain the role, “WIN” to share the basic criteria and priorities of the role, and “THRIVE” to list some of the benefits and perks available to them. for their employees. But they don’t stop there – their call to action says, “Apply now for a career that challenges the imagination.” This creativity is sure to stand out to candidates who have been overwhelmed by seeing the same basic headlines in every other job posting.

Nearly a third (30%) of workers left their jobs within the first 90 days of starting work, and 41% of them left because their day-to-day work didn’t go as expected. Your goal when writing an effective job description is to get the right candidate to apply and the wrong candidate to get through. Paint a vivid picture of the role — including the basics — and you’ll help candidates choose for themselves. Get input from the hiring manager, as well as from people who have held and worked with the position.

How To Write My Job Description

Litera emphasizes “a day in a lifetime” for potential candidates and covers how new hires will progress in their roles during the first six months. The job description mentions that a customer success manager will “work on a wide variety of clients from complex to uncomplicated” and need to “resolve problems independently.” This role illustration can help each job seeker get a clear idea of ​​what it’s like to work there and determine if the opportunity is a long-term fit.

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Great candidates want to make an impact, and they don’t mind a challenge. The more specific you are, the better.

Save the Children shares specific projects that diversity, equity and inclusion staff will work on and how much time they will allocate to each project.

The job description states that this is a support role that can impact many parts of the human resources function, including referrals, learning and development, and close-knit groups of employees. . There is clearly a need for “a commitment to promoting and sustaining a diverse, inclusive and inclusive environment”, but previous experience with DEI has not. This can help them find beginner candidates motivated to succeed.

The best job description will be the one that helps you attract and convert the right talent for your role. Let these job listings inspire your own creative job description templates, but don’t feel the need to combine every element if it doesn’t work for your company. None of these job descriptions are exactly alike because no two companies are exactly alike. Experiment with different job listing formats, lengths, and wording to find out what helps you generate the best hiring results. they answered. With over 25 million jobs currently listed on the job site alone

How To Write Roles & Responsibilities On A Job Description

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