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How To Write Protest Letter

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A Notice of Protest or NOP is a solemn declaration made under oath by the master of a ship that circumstances beyond his control have caused or may have caused loss and/or damage to his ship or its cargo or caused him to take action which may cause the owners to be liable for the suit of the other party.

How To Write Protest Letter

How To Write Protest Letter

Contact the agent and ask for his help because the NOP should be made in front of a person in a rotating capacity or someone who is legally authorized.

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A total of 3 NOP originals are required:- 1 original for the vessel and 2 originals for the shipowner.

The protest should be reported as soon as possible, certainly within 24 hours of arrival at the port and in the case of cargo protest before breaking the bulk cargo. Witness signatures may be required. Required supporting documentation:

This is because the NOP is readily available and can be used later in the courts for arbitration purposes if necessary.

Since it is impossible to determine the full extent of the loss of damages at the time of registration of the protest, it is necessary to file an extended protest when the relevant facts come to light.

How To Write A Letter Of Protest

A LOP is a written communication intended to convey and record dissatisfaction regarding some matter over which the recipient has some control and holding the recipient responsible for any legal or financial consequences arising from the matter complained of.

It always refers to the named party. If the recipient refuses to sign the LOP, then another LOP can be issued stating that the presented LOP was not signed.

It must be attended by a person who is legally authorized to do so in accordance with the law of the country in which it is made.

How To Write Protest Letter

It should generally be done within 24 hours of the vessel’s arrival at the next port after the event occurred.

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