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How To Write Scholarship Application Letter

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I am a student of basic medicine at the University of Debrecen. With this letter, I would like to express my interest and strong determination to join the Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship program.

How To Write Scholarship Application Letter

How To Write Scholarship Application Letter

My lifelong goal is to become a global doctor and make a significant contribution to helping refugees here in Hungary. With my rich background in science and mathematics, I strongly feel that joining your program will be of great importance to my medical career and my personal development. When I was ten years old, one of my greatest accomplishments was participating in an award-winning high school teen novel experiment. When I entered high school, my great passion for science and math led me to be selected for the top level of my math and science class because of my high score on a test that many students in Japan take. Nevertheless, during my high school studies, I began to develop this great passion for a career in medicine due to my strong desire to become a global doctor. Because of this, I wanted to learn more about medicine, and a few years later I applied to pre-med school, where I am currently studying basic medicine. I also hope to enter medical school here in Hungary after completing the basic medical course.

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Throughout my life, I have always been actively involved in volunteering in order to gain experience and at the same time personally contribute to society. Growing up, I was also an active member of the Boy Scouts, the experience of which strongly encouraged my desire to become a doctor and participate in Medicine Sans Frontieres (MSF). However, while pursuing this goal, I realized that in order to become a member of MSF, I needed to study medical English. As a result, I decided to enroll in an overseas school to improve my medical English skills. It was during this period that Hungary closed its gates due to the mass displacement of refugees, and many refugees were denied entry to the country at the border.

Every day, when I watch the news and come across the problem of the suffering of refugees at the Hungarian border, I can’t help but think of the many ways I would improvise to provide medical aid to the poor refugees. The many concerns of the refugees made me develop this strong desire to study here in Hungary, because I am sure that I will be able to provide medical assistance to many refugees at the border.

However, critical emergency practice is my preferred field because I would very much like to help many children and women at the border. For this reason, I would like to work as a critical emergency physician for Doctors Without Borders. In addition, while studying basic medicine, I understood that as a critical care physician who deals with both women and children, I would need to study both gynecology and obstetrics. First of all, these professions will help me achieve my goal, which is not only to provide medical assistance to them, but also to save the lives of endangered children.

In the same vein, I am adept and very well versed in IT, which I consider a significant advantage in my medical career field. My passion for technology started at a very young age and during high school I built a computer from scratch and that laid the foundation for that passion. So with my computer and information technology skills combined with my medical profession, I am determined to explore vast areas such as artificial intelligence (AI) to develop remote control healing systems that I believe are urgently needed to help most refugees at the borders. In the context of technological inventions, I envision the creation of smart mobile communication devices such as wearable watches that sick refugees can use to communicate with distant doctors and nurses whenever needed. In this context, I hope that with my medical profession I will significantly contribute to the protection of health and human rights of people in need.

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In addition, as I am seriously considering dedicating my medical profession to helping the large population of refugees at the country’s borders, I decided to attend an explanatory meeting of Doctors Without Borders, which greatly helped me to develop a strong desire to study the current situation. – art system, together with frontline therapy. I am confident that it has equipped me with the knowledge and information needed to help poor and struggling people.

Finally, I am too determined to make the most of the scholarship benefits. I am ready and willing to devote myself and optimize every experience that the program offers me. I also believe that enrolling in your program would not only enhance my career growth but also provide me with a framework to reach my full potential. In this case, I would sincerely appreciate it if I decide to apply for your scholarship program as it would bring me one step closer to achieving my goals.

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How To Write Scholarship Application Letter

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Scholarship Application Letter Sample

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How To Write Scholarship Application Letter

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